Will You Fall Victim to the Fake Phone Call Scam this Tax Season?

You have repeatedly been informed of the many tax scams occurring, as well as those that topped the charts in 2015. And while you may be in the process of gathering your documents and preparing to get those taxes filed before the April 18, 2016 deadline, tax lawyers in Tennessee want to be sure you steer clear from falling victim to a scam that cost individuals an overall sum of $15 million dollars. Sounds easy enough, right?

tax fraud lawyer in TennesseeCNN reported on March 14, 2015, just how convincing these scammers can be, and how legitimate their story sounds causing you to believe every word they are saying. Tax fraud attorneys are aware that some criminals working in an effort to steal your personal information and hard-earned money fail with their tactics being quite obvious, revealing their scam. However, some have become quite the master-mind, and can trick you into thinking you are possibly facing jail time.

What makes these scams so believable?

  • They claim they work with the IRS. It isn’t a secret as to why someone would comply with the demands made over the phone when they think they are being contacted by the IRS. It can be a scary moment for anyone, however, tax fraud lawyers in Tennessee remind you that if ever contacted by the IRS, before complying with any requests, always reach out to a legal specialist who may be able to advise you on how to handle your particular case.
  • These phone scammers “can cite your financial history down to the cent,” which only leads you to believe they are legitimate.
  • They state your currently under investigation and should you fail to pay the thousands of dollars you owe to the IRS; jail time is expected to be served in your near future.
  • Timothy Camus, a deputy inspector general for investigations with the Treasury Department stated that these scammers have access to information in which only the IRS generally would know.

The thieves involved in these scams are believed to be “operating out of India,” where they use phishing technology to enhance their image, allowing individuals to believe they are based right out of Washington.

Tennessee tax legal representatives highlight one victim of these phone scams, involving a former NFL player, Frank Garcia. Upon receiving the phone call which sounded like a feasible call from the IRS, he left his current radio hosting position, and ran home in an effort to obtain the money.

During this tax season, tax fraud attorneys in Tennessee remind its residents to steer clear of any peculiar phone calls received of those claiming to be the IRS and demanding large sums of money. In the event you have become a victim and are being accused of committing tax fraud on behalf of someone else’s scam, reach out to an acclaimed tax attorney today. Putting the matter off can only make the fines and fees worsen.