Why Would I Need to Hire a Tax Lawyer in Connecticut?

Tax attorneys in Connecticut will soon be receiving phone calls from desperate citizens who either failed to file their taxes, are being accused of tax fraud, or being harassed by the IRS on a daily basis. Tax season can be a difficult time for some, and it is quite critical that all reported information is as accurate as possible to further avoid being questioned or investigated by the IRS.tax fraud attorney in Connecticut

As many individuals believe they are familiar with the filing process, and never will require legal assistance when it comes to their tax return, you may truly never know when you will need the support from a tax lawyer in Connecticut. There are several ways in which a legal tax professional can assist you, and while many may feel alone and not know where to turn with their current situation, this article may help you identify with one of the ways in which USAttorneys can assist you, and relieve you from feeling so helpless.

Provided below are some situations which would serve as possible grounds to hire a tax legal representative in Connecticut.

  • You are in trouble with the IRS due to your filing status or included deductions that should not have been placed on your return. In this case, you want someone on your side in the event your case is taken to court. Your tax preparer actually can testify against you, therefore, with the right legal support system in place, you have someone on your side that is well aware of the laws too.
  • If you were required to appear in court for tax fraud or tax evasion having a Connecticut tax attorney represent you can possibly help you arrive at a sufficient settlement or reduce the amount of taxes owed.
  • Should you need to appeal the decision of the IRS, you want to have legal assistance on your side in order to accurately do this.
  • You’re being audited. In the event the IRS contacts you for an audit, obtaining legal support is probably the next step you want to take after receiving news of this. Your tax lawyer can speak on your behalf and alleviate the tension and anxiety of having to speak directly to the IRS.

With the topic of mistakes made on a tax return being a sensitive issue, handling the matter on your own can only bring upon more harm than of that which was already done. This is why tax lawyers advise you to seek help with their knowledgeable professionals who know the laws and facts when it comes to taxes.

If you have become a target of the IRS for one reason or another, it is in your best interest to speak with a top notch Connecticut tax legal representative who can guide you in the right direction which may just be in securing legal aid.