Why is Your Tax Refund Being Delayed?

The Internal Revenue System (IRS) often leaves tax payers frustrated, and confused as to why they owe more money after providing Uncle Sam with an abundant amount throughout the entire year. Each paycheck we see money coming out, and then the tax season arrives, and only a small percentage of individuals are lucky enough to regain back some of that money they worked so hard for. If you find yourself in that lucky group to be receiving back money this tax season, tax lawyers in Illinois note that you may find your return might be a bit delayed, and not because you filed closer to the deadline date.

tax fraud lawyer in IllinoisWhile it may be good news for some, and bad news for others, the fact is, the IRS is taking measures to ensure you do not fall victim to the thousands of tax scammers out there who are continually trying to steal the refund you are legally entitled to. NBC News as well as Illinois tax fraud attorneys at USAttorneys want citizens to be aware that while you may have to wait a little longer to receive that refund, in the end, it is only for your benefit.

With tax scammers becoming increasingly knowledgeable on how to crack the codes to obtain your personal information and file a fraudulent return, the IRS, along with state authorities and the tax preparation industry are teaming up to help reduce the amount of theft from occurring.

So why is your tax return going to be affected by all this?

Apparently, the IRS has a partnership with Security Summit Initiative, which slows “the flood of phony tax returns filed each year by imposters” who use your information and false documentation to file a tax return in your name. These scammers who manage to successfully file their “return” receive a refund, and when it comes time for you to legitimately file yours, you find it is rejected seeing that the process has already been completed beforehand.

So not only do you have to prove you are not guilty of committing tax fraud, but submit a hefty amount of paperwork that could take months to resolve the issue. With these measures put into place by the IRS, not only is the expected outcome to decrease the amount of money paid out each year to criminals stealing from innocent victims, but also to help you avoid having to deal with such an unwarranted situation.

According to the IRS, “it expects to process nine out of 10 federal tax refund within 21 days,” as these new precautions are put into place. The process for you to file may even be a bit lengthier, although it is all a safeguard and in your best interest.

Tax fraud legal representatives in Illinois urge you to keep in mind should you have already found your tax information has been compromised, hiring a legal specialist to step in and aid you throughout this time can only help to clarify what truly transpired, and relieve you from this chaotic mess.