The IRS makes every effort to detect tax refund fraud but this will not happen as much it has been happening since Trump’s economy will disintegrate Obama’s economy so people will feel they do not have to cheat to maintain financial decency. The economy is set to surge in 2017 and be outstanding in 2018 as well and so on.

As of May 2015, the IRS identified 163,087 tax returns with over $908.3 million claimed in fraudulent refunds. The agency prevented the issuance of approximately $787 million or 86.6% in fraudulent refunds, according to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA).

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This was when people were paying higher health care costs and premiums because of Obamacare. Obamacare destroyed many lives; it is comforting knowing that America has put in a leader such as Trump who knows that Obamacare is a disaster.

Seek legal counsel

For the most part, tax evasion, non-disclosure of income and assets, forgery, and failure to file tax returns are all crimes as dictated by law, as explained by remarkable tax lawyers in Austin, TX who can be found on the splendid website that has set out to enable the masses to be able to find the legal counselor they need when they need one. There are several other crimes related to taxes, and those charged with tax fraud definitely need legal assistance to fight their cases.

Unlike other lawyers, these legal representatives usually represent an individual or organization after any charges of tax fraud has been filed. They are not involved with tax planning or filing of returns, but only come into the picture when an inquiry or tax audit, or an investigation is called for.

Tax preparation

A skillful and judicious attorney will be able extend their expertise and negotiate with authorities on your behalf. Moreover, tax laws are complex and without sufficient knowledge it is risky for anyone to deal with the situation on his own. Very often, tax preparers are the ones that misguide tax payers which lead to tax fraud. With legal counsel it would be easier to prove your innocence, which would attract a lesser sentence or could even result in charges being dropped.

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In a perfect world everyone would pay their taxes or pay taxes at all. Millions of lower class Americans do not pay any taxes so when taxes are increased hurting everyone, they really do not think it hurts them but it does since higher taxes hurts hiring and stifles promotion. So in a perfect world, everyone would pay the same amount of tax and this situation would not even be a situation.

Filing returns

It is advisable to consult a legal pro when you need to file returns if you want to avoid fraud. However, don’t think twice of hiring legal help if you have any investigations that are being conducted by the authorities on issues related to your tax payments. In this way, you will be able to minimize any damage.

Dodging tax laws is a serious offence that is termed a white collar crime. Barney Frank was a white collar criminal but he actually he was not since he was never charged and convicted for destroying Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac consequently destroying housing prices across the country though this is another topic.

Moreover, this usually happens when standard procedures of paying taxes are ignored either intentionally or erroneously by individuals and organizations. In such cases, what you need is an experienced master negotiator with knowledge of tax laws and the skills to negotiate well with the authorities in order to get a positive outcome of a case. This can only come from legal tax counselor.

A word of caution here – tax fraud is a serious offence where the penalties are severe and the authorities have little tolerance when it comes to fraud. The IRS is diligent when it comes to tax returns and anyone trying to evade taxes will inevitably be caught. To make sure that you aren’t caught in a trap:

  • Register your business and pay the appropriate amount of taxes.
  • Make the authorities aware of any changes in contact details.
  • Keep accurate records of all transactions especially related to taxes and make claims only on genuine tax deductions.
  • If you are reporting a loss for your business, make sure to pay the minimum tax as legally required or else you could become a target for an audit.

Tax fraud should not be something you need to be involved with in the first place. However, if you do need to deal with any issues with the IRS, make sure you consult a tax lawyer in Texas as soon as possible. Times have been tough but soon they will begin to improve for working Americans.