Virginia Man Fails to File Employment Taxes

Tax fraud lawyers in Virginia are well aware of the struggles that come along with owning a business, as well as the many pleasures it provides. While it is a success to find a way in today’s society to own your own business, there are obligations an employer holds regarding employees, pay, and of course, filing taxes. Much time, effort, and money goes into a business and while there is room for possible deductions to decrease the amount of tax paid in each year, employers are sometimes faced with the burden of having to place more money back into Uncle Sam’s pocket, regardless of whether or not they want to.

tax fraud lawyers in VirginiaWhile some employers choose to abide by the regulations set forth, others fail to do so, and eventually find themselves caught up in a mess involving, fees, penalties, and jail time. Tax attorneys in Virginia understand that while the burden of paying your dues to the IRS is a daunting one, if you fail to do so, you may just end up like this Virginia man who faces prison time as well as the requirement to pay $250,000 in fines as well as restitution to the IRS.

According to a report made by, on February 23, 2016, Michael Manning, 52, was recognized for his lack of filing quarterly statements for employee withholding for the third and fourth quarters in 2014. As you can see, even though the crime committed occurred approximately two years ago, it goes to show the IRS as well as its criminal investigators are strategically working to identify those who are trying to beat the system, and not pay in what they are legally obliged to.

This is precisely why tax fraud legal representatives in Virginia urge tax payers to file on time, and while it is important to report accurate information, you must also report all designated tax information that is required to be filed with your return.

Manning faces the charges presented because he failed to pay more than “$800,000 in withheld taxes to the IRS.” He also came clean and recognized his company, Manning Construction, for creating “false financial statements for submission to financial institutions” in order to successfully receive loans for his company.

Sounds like Mr. Manning may be in need of not only a reputable tax lawyer but also a criminal defense attorney in Virginia as well.

Committing tax fraud is not something you want to become entangled in, and should you find yourself already in a dilemma involving the IRS, before making any decisions on how to proceed, you must first obtain some legal advice from a knowledgeable Virginia tax fraud attorney. A professional can guide you in the direction that may alleviate you from being penalized more than you initially were expected to.

Being targeted by the IRS is no joking matter, and many find themselves facing large fines as well as time behind bars. Reach out to a Virginia tax fraud lawyer today who can possibly help reduce the pending charges, as well as the stress placed upon you.