The IRS May Soon Determine Your Air Travel Eligibility

The IRS has many strategies in identifying who pays their taxes, and who doesn’t. They receive a copy of all W-2’s every tax season, as well as other important tax forms that are expected to be filed. And although they struggle to keep up with everyone, eventually there will come a point where you will either be audited, charged with tax fraud, or have your funds taken right out from beneath you for the amount of money you owe from unpaid taxes. Tax lawyers in California now share with you something that may come as a bit of surprise regarding the IRS and the capabilities they possess.

tax fraud attorney in CaliforniaWere you already aware that the IRS maintains the authority to take hold of funds in your bank account to cover the costs of unpaid taxes? When you become a target, and receive notification that you will be audited, the first thing you want to do is procure a trustworthy tax attorney in California, and allow them access to all information regarding your tax situation. Being audited by the IRS can bring along with it some hefty fines and fees in the event you failed to pay prior years of taxes, and even withheld information that should have been filed.

Tax fraud legal representatives want you to know that not only does the IRS has these invisible hands that manage to make their way into your heavily “protected” bank accounts, but now claims are being made that the IRS will have a say so in whether or not you can travel by plane should you have any unpaid taxes. According to Forbes, your air travels may become a bit complex by October 2020. It seems that your drivers license, which is now an adequate form of identification to get you onto a plane, may no longer be acceptable. In fact, it may be required you present a passport prior to being given permission to board your plane.

So, what connection lies between flying and taxes you wonder? Well, by the deadline of October 1, 2020, any American who has a tax debt in excess of $50,000 may not be given the privilege to take part in air travel. If you owe a hefty amount to the IRS, they may either cancel your passport, or refuse to provide you with one.

It seems as though the IRS is determined on receiving the money owed to them, and are taking measures to ensure they receive it one way or another, even if that means taking away privileges many American are provided with.

Tax fraud lawyers in California urge you to proceed with filing your taxes if you have yet to do so, and remember to always pay the appropriate amount owed to the IRS. Not only can they revoke your passport, leaving you without the option of flying, but they also have access to that hard-earned money you receive each and every pay period.