Tax Officials Say Change Necessary for Tax Fraud Prevention in the State of Georgia

Tax officials from Georgia have said that operational and administrative changes are critical in order to prevent the rampant tax fraud that the state has seen in recent years. It will take as long as three months in order to phase out the current procedures and gradually incorporate and make effective the proposed changes in order to tackle tax fraud, as reported by

According to Atlanta, GA tax lawyers, the proposed changes, if and when effective, will essentially serve to protect the sensitive information of tax payers and also tax dollars from getting to the hands of the wrong people.

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There have been multiple incidents reported in Georgia over the last two years wherein people who have illegally acquired sensitive information about tax payers have filled tax return fraudulently and identity theft has made it possible for them to pose as the tax payer himself and they then collect the tax returns at an address that they control. Hundreds of millions on tax dollars has been frivolously solicited from the IRS and the US government this way last year not only in Georgia, but in many states across America. Yet, this does not seem to be a big deal to Obama or Nancy Pelosi or the Democrats.

According to the Department Of Revenue, individuals who are filing for the first time in Georgia and residents who are filing for the first time in the past five years will be issued paper check refunds. These refunds will be processed beginning February 1st.

Furthermore, as per outstanding Georgia tax attorneys the Department of Revenue has also pre-poned the deadline for corporations and private businesses for the filing of W-2 information. The revised deadline is January 31st. Filings which fail to meet the deadline will be invariably face fines and will also cause a lengthening of the processing time of employees’ tax returns.

Suntrust employee sentenced to three years for check-cashing scheme

A former teller employed with SunTrust identified as Tonya Alexander will spend the next three years of her life behind bars after her check-cashing scheme was uncovered.

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As reported by, supposedly, Alexander acquired and cashed frivolous income tax return checks knowing very well that they were illegally obtained and she accepted payments for doing this service, which technically amounts to tax fraud according to Atlanta, GA tax lawyers.

Her accomplices were Tracy Mitchell and Keisha Lanier who were the ones who actually obtained sensitive information about tax payers and filed requests on their behalf illegally without their knowledge. They handed over the checks to Alexander who cashed these checks for them. Mitchell and Keisha have also been legally punished for the scams and have both received 15 and 13 year prison sentences, respectively. is the #1 source for anyone who needs legal help

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