Tax Attorneys Share Tips to Avoid Having Your Tax Return Delayed

After you have finally gathered all of your tax documents, which seemed like it took an endless amount of time to do, and had your tax preparer file your income tax return, you then expect to receive your refund in a timely manner. However, like you, many Americans are in the same boat who are eager to get their hands on their refund as it seems there may not be a better time to receive it than now. While it generally takes the IRS a few weeks to process your return and get your refund check out to you, there are some other factors that could delay the process resulting in your receiving your return in an even longer period of time than you had hoped for.

If you don’t want to risk having your refund take longer than the anticipated weeks it is expected to, then you may want to jot down a few notes as tax lawyers in Oregon share with you below some common mistakes the IRS has noted for citizens to avoid in order for their refund to arrive in a more efficient timeframe.

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  • Social Security Numbers- For everyone that is going to be included on your return, be sure you correctly note their social security numbers as this mix-up may set back the IRS a bit as they try to understand who the return belongs to.
  • Wrong Names- The names listed on your return must match those printed on your social security card.
  • Mathematical Errors- Be sure your tax preparer has accurately added up all the figures listed on your return.
  • Filing Status Mistakes- Choosing the right filing status is crucial on your tax return as you may receive a larger amount in your refund you weren’t necessarily entitled to. Tax legal representatives in Oregon encourage you to be sure your tax preparer is selecting the filing status that applies to your situation for 2015, and that you were in fact eligible to file with that.
  • Inaccurate Bank Account Information– Most individuals have their refund direct deposited in their bank accounts, however if there is a mistake in the numbers, the money may have a hard time arriving in your account.
  • Unsigned Forms– If you send in a form to the IRS that is not signed, you will then have to wait during the period where they send it back, or have to mail out another with a signature on it seeing that an unsigned form is considered invalid.

While we are all human and all make mistakes, should you want to be sure your refund makes its way to you in a timely manner, Oregon tax attorneys encourage you to take these tips into consideration. Be sure your return possess all the pertinent information required, and that it is accurate and error free. In the event you want to learn more of the mistakes to avoid, you can visit where the list continues and serves as a reminder of what not to do when preparing your taxes for the 2015 year.