Tax Attorneys Share Information Regarding Deadlines to File Taxes

Although the deadline to file your 2015 tax return was provided months in advance, many individuals continue to find themselves failing to adhere to the given timeframe, and result in filing late. Currently, the deadline to have either a tax preparer or tax software program complete your return and get it to the IRS is set for April, 18, 2016. Tax lawyers in Connecticut find deadlines extremely important to comply with, however, when it comes to taxes, some are offered the option of receiving an extension, while others may just face the penalties for failing to file.

tax attorney in ConnecticutWhat is an Automatic Extension of Time to File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return?

In the event you have a more complex tax return, such as those who run their own business, filing for an extension is an option offered by the IRS. In order to accurately receive this privilege, you must file a Form 4868, and the link to that can be found right here. Tax attorneys in Connecticut want to remind those who prepare to file for an extension that the IRS will suggests you send in some sort of payment toward your estimated amount owed for your taxable income from the 2015 year.

It is also noted on the Form 4868 that while you may not be required to submit a payment upon filing for an extension, you may have applicable interest accrued on what you are required to pay in. Tax fraud legal representatives are aware while many Americans fail to get their taxes in on time, filing for an extension is one measure that can be taken to avoid having to pay any further fees associated with filing late.

As a reminder, regardless of whether you expect to file by the April deadline, or you have received an extension, it is important to:

  • Have all appropriate tax forms to ensure everything is accounted for, and other deductions you may be entitled to are applied to your return. Some of the common forms you may be acquainted with already include employer W-2’S, Forms 1099, and Form 1095-A.
  • Choose a reputable preparer that is known for providing accurate service and can get your return filed in a timely manner.

During the tax season, some find themselves under a significant amount of stress while others are only concerned with receiving their tax refund. The faster you get your income tax return completed, the quicker you are able to receive those funds you’ve waited a long time for.

Should you find yourself struggling with an issue involving tax documentation or you are being audited by the IRS for previous tax years, consult with a Connecticut tax lawyer to be sure you are not being penalized for more than the IRS is claiming you are guilty of.

With that tax fraud legal representatives in Connecticut remind you to get busy, and get those taxes completed in the given timeframe allotted.