Tampa Woman Faces Severe Penalties for Stealing $5.3 Million from the Government

Tampa, FL- With criminals on the lose constantly formulating ways to recover more money from the IRS they they are legally permitted to, Tampa, Florida tax lawyers warn of the many schemes being plotted this tax season. While some schemes are directed at other’s, some are aimed right at the Internal Revenue System (IRS). And while the IRS has increased their level of security when filing your return, individuals are using the sophisticated technology produced regularly to help aid them in stealing unearned money from the government.

Tampa, Florida tax fraud attorneyInterested in just how these individuals manage to get this “extra” money? The IRS conveniently shared several reported stories involving those who thought they could beat the system, however, the scheme of committing tax fraud was brought to light. On September 29, 2015, Tiffani Pye Williams, who lived in Tampa, found herself being sentenced to 123 months in prison for theft of government property and aggravated identity theft.

Not only was she subjected to being placed behind bars, but she was also ordered to pay $1,533,283 in restitution to the United States Treasury. Tampa, Florida tax fraud attorneys remind you that when tax fraud is committed, in the event you get caught for the offense, you will be required to pay that money back, plus all the other fines and fees the IRS tacks on as a result of the crime being committed.

How did she do it?

You may be curious as to why someone would receive such a hefty fine, and this is exactly the reasoning why. From 2010 to 2014, Williams, along with others involved, used the identification of individual’s who unknowingly were victims to the crime, and filed fraudulent tax returns.

How did they get the money?

Williams had the tax return funds “wired from the IRS to reloadable debit cards” where the money was taken out through ATM’s and used at various retail stores. Over the period of time Williams committed tax fraud, it is estimated she and the other’s involved filed “more than 1,000 fraudulent tax returns” leaving roughly 991 individuals as victims to tax fraud. While some of the returns that were filed were done so using a deceased individual’s information, it is estimated she claimed more than $5.3 million in refunds.

With tax season underway, and many individuals now preparing to have their taxes filed, tax fraud lawyers in Tampa remind you to be cognizant of who receives your personal information, and be sure when filing, you choose a legitimate and trustworthy preparer who will handle your return in a legal manner.

If you have fallen victim to a tax scheme and have had your own personal information stolen from someone in an effort to retrieve money in a fraudulent manner, speak with a tax fraud legal representative in Tampa, Florida today who will see to it justice is served and work to your advantage to be sure those who committed the crime are held accountable.