Steering Clear of a Fraudulent Tax Preparer

The time is near and you know exactly what you need to be doing right about now. Getting prepared to have your taxes filed. January opened up the doors to tax season, and February has flown by. As we enter into March, tax attorneys in North Carolina remind you that while you may be perusing through your daily routines, there is a deadline to file your tax refund, and April 18, 2016 is quickly approaching.

tax lawyer in North CarolinaGenerally, many individuals have their set tax professional available to prepare their return, while others rely on the booming programs used to file online. If you’re in between using a “recommended” preparer and aren’t sure you are able to accurately use the online programs, you are left with a pile of tax forms and the confusion of who to trust to properly complete the filing of your taxes.

What tax fraud lawyers in North Carolina want you to steer clear of are those phony scams involving an individual who can promise the world and more when it comes to getting your refund. With “return preparer fraud” topping the Internal Revenue System’s (IRS) list of dirty scams committed in 2015, it is no wonder why legal tax professionals want you to be leery of who you select to manage your taxes, as well as provide your personal information with.

While there are many legitimate tax preparation systems as well as preparers available, there are also those posing as a qualified professional who can accurately process your return, leaving you under the impression all is taken care of and you don’t have to worry anymore about dealing with the IRS until January, 2017. Problem is, should you become a victim to a scam and your information is stolen where tax fraud is a resulting factor, you just may receive a phone call from the IRS prior to the next tax season.

Fox 61 News highlights some valuable information North Carolina tax fraud legal representatives want you to keep in mind to avoid being scammed when it comes to filing your taxes.

  • Electronic Filing- You can request your preparer to have your refund direct deposited into your bank account, which generally only takes a few weeks.
  • Fees Based on Refund Amount– If your preparer is basing their fees on the funds you are expected to receive in your refund, you may want to rethink following through. Fees are to be charged based on the “complexity of your return,” not how much money you are getting back.
  • Tax Preparer Directory– Using this service provided by  allows you to check the credentials of an individual who claims is able to prepare your tax return.

With this in mind, always complete your research and be sure before generously handing over your social security number and personal pertinent information, that you know exactly who you are dealing with.

In the event you are faced with the dilemma of being accused of tax fraud simply because your preparer falsely filed your taxes, North Carolina tax fraud attorneys are readily available to you and can assist you throughout your case.