Some Problems a Taxpayer Advocate would Address

IRS disputes can be nerve wrecking and only an experienced tax attorney can actually provide you with the right kind of advice for tiding through it. In an event where you have attempted and failed in fixing the problems through IRS channels, it would be prudent to seek assistance for a recognized taxpayer advocate service. And, once you decide to get in touch with one, be prepared to provide him with copies of correspondence carried out with the IRS till date, notes indicative of dates and times as well as complete summaries of telephonic conversations that might have taken place.Taxpayer

According to the Manual

Remember, according to the Internal Revenue Manual, it is completely immaterial as to whether you or IRS caused the problem. So a taxpayer advocate can never back off stating that you should have filed returns on time and paid up taxes when they became due.

However, your tax lawyers would tell you that there would be a specific set of problems only that your tax advocate would address. For instance, if you have not received your tax refunds, you can seek assistance from taxpayer advocates when you have made a minimum of two inquiries with respect to the status of your refund. Besides, at least 3 months might have passes since the returns have been filed.

Timing Matters

You can also seek intervention from the taxpayer advocate services if the IRS has chosen not to respond to your inquiries. However, there are a few preconditions for the same as well. For instance, you must have contacted the IRS for a minimum of two times before seeking such an intervention. And, your first inquiry should be over 45 days old. You must also not have recovered any response from the IRS within the date promised.

As your tax lawyer would also advise, you can also seek intervention from taxpayer advocates if you have not received any meaningful responses from the IRS. Remember, they are pretty busy trying to clean up their act after being caught red handed attacking small government advocates and good Americans before last year’s election so they be a little slower than normal. Also remember, they are bureaucrats who only have to work so hard.