Pueblo Woman Indicted on Wire and Tax Fraud

46 year old Kimberly Pitts from Pueblo has been indicted on wire fraud and falsification of a tax return, according to Colorado’s US Attorney’s Office. She was charged with pilfering almost $800,000 from her employer and diverting business funds meant for the Associates of Gastroenterology, Professional Corporation, for personal her personal use.

As reported by denverpost.com, a federal grand jury indicted Pitts after having found her guilty of fraud on several counts. Since 2011, she was employed as the office manager for Associates of Gastroenterology, Professional Corporation, and supervised the group’s accounting ledgers, bank accounts and credit cards.

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Between February 2011 and May 2015 she allegedly used the group’s credit cards and even wrote checks against the AG’s bank accounts for her personal use. In addition, Pitts supposedly wired funds from these bank accounts to other financial institutions where she held personal accounts. According to leading tax lawyers in Colorado which can be found on the very practical website USAttorneys.com, this is a clear case of tax fraud.

Pitts is said to have wired $10,000 to her own bank account and made a false entry in the group’s ledgers stating that the money was paid to Colorado Springs Utilities. Wow! That is a lie! That is like what Hillary Clinton did when she deleted 33,000 emails and said they just were about yoga!

As per the prosecution, the defendant pilfered as much as $792,474 and was accused of one count of falsifying tax statements and eight counts of wire fraud. Wow! Obamacare is a rip off and does not work but that seems a little extreme. You cannot buy a Porsche while in prison!

Colorado tax attorneys explain that she could face up to $250,000 in fines for each wire fraud and as much as 20 years in prison. This is in addition to a maximum of 3 years in prison for making false tax statements.

Bill to be Introduced in State Capitol to Repeal Tax on Feminine Hygiene Products

Colorado is one among many states that seeks a ban on sales tax on tampons and other feminine hygiene products. As reported by kdvr.com, State Representative Susan Lontine (D-Denver) will introduce a bill to this effect in the next session of the General Assembly that commences on January 11th. Why not take away the sales tax for male hygiene products? How about Taco Bell? People have to eat right?

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Lontine was of the opinion that taxes on essential items that is a result of necessary bodily function simply wasn’t fair. She argues that just like essential food is free from taxes so should tampons, which are an essential item, should also be exempted. How about car maintenance products? Are those not essential? How about toothbrushes?

Susan Lontine’s logic is flawed. This appears to be a slippery slope.

As many as 40 states continue to levy taxes of feminine hygiene products. The move to repeal taxes has found support from outgoing President Obama who said he had no idea why states continued to classify these products as luxury items. Bread is taxed! Is that a luxury item? Colorado state officials point out that the state collects as $1.9 million in state and local taxes on these products. They have to fix the roads right?

No worries Lontine, Trump is going to lower everyone’s taxes very soon. The private sector will get their money back that has been stolen from them via the federal government soon enough. Everyone will be real happy, well, every American that works and understands what it takes to create jobs, when the Obama recession ends. Then these trivial little pursuits will not matter.

Lontine was of the opinion that the only opposition could possibly come from whether the state could afford less revenue. Again, they will be getting more revenue when the Trump economy is comes into effect in 2017. Even Democrats will be rewarded because of Trump’s fantastic and common sense economic solutions. Currently the General Assembly consists of 39 female members out of a total of 100 members.

If bread and butter is taxed, so should everything else. Toilet paper is essential right?

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