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If you received a notice from the IRS stating that your tax return from a previous year is being audited, you may want to consider taking on legal aid from a reputable tax attorney in Oklahoma. An audit could lead to several unwanted situations that could potentially require you to pay more to the IRS than you already have, which isn’t the ideal situation for anyone.

And just because the IRS sends you notification that you owe them money doesn’t necessarily mean you do. In some instances, there may have been an oversight and the IRS is requiring either a payment or proof of a deduction that may have been previously filed for. In other instances, the IRS may believe you owe more toward your taxable income from a previous year, and you may disagree.


What Options do Taxpayers Have When a Disagreement Arises Between You and the IRS?

Either way, if you are under the impression that you don’t owe the IRS any more money and believe they are trying to collect from you without a valid reason, there are certain steps you can take to combat this.

Although the IRS is powerful and has the potential to take funds that sit right in your bank account, they don’t have the right to request money without a valid reason. And even then, you may still disagree with what it is they are requesting. So, what rights do you have as a taxpayer? Well, the first thing you can do which is highly encouraged is to have a knowledgeable Oklahoma tax lawyer review the audit notice or other document sent by the IRS and discuss with you why you believe this is not a valid attempt to collect your hard-earned money.

Our tax attorneys in OK handle cases that deal with the IRS on a constant basis and can assess using the information provided whether you have a high chance of beating this dispute. And if they feel you have a viable case, they will be more than happy to represent you.

The other option you have is to have your case reviewed by the Office of Appeals.


What is the Office of Appeals?

This department is an independent organization within the IRS that works with the taxpayer and the IRS to get a tax dispute resolved. Appeals claims they take neither side in the matter and are solely there to help get your disagreement resolved. Only certain cases are eligible to be reviewed by the Office of Appeals so it is vital that regardless of whether you want to work with this department that you at least consult with one of our skilled tax lawyers first.

USAttorneys strives to help those residing in the state of Oklahoma find and retain a reputable tax attorney and we will do just that in the event you are seeking legal aid.