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If you live in the state of Ohio and are required to pay certain state taxes, then you may already be familiar with the Ohio Department of Taxation (ODT). This department provides the collection and administration of most state taxes, local taxes, and oversees property taxation. So, if a property owner fails to pay their obligations due to the Ohio Department of Taxation, they are likely going to be sending out an invoice highlighting the outstanding amount. The same applies to the IRS. Each year, taxpayers are required to file a return that indicates how much income was taken in. If the taxpayer owes the IRS more money as they weren’t taxed enough on their taxable income, the IRS will eventually come looking for their money as well.


Did You Receive an Assessment from the Ohio Department of Taxation or a Bill from the IRS?

Taxes can be become rather complicated, especially when you have to file a return through the IRS and submit paperwork to the state department. If you have recently received an assessment from the ODT, which is a legal billing notice of an outstanding tax liability, you may be uncertain as to why they are issuing you this bill when you have either satisfied your yearly requirements or believe you don’t owe them any money. There are certain options you have as a taxpayer and one of them is to question why you are being given a tax bill when you believe you have taken care of all your responsibilities on your end.

While you can contact the ODT directly or the IRS, you also have the option of sitting down with an experienced and well-versed tax attorney in Ohio who can possibly break down your assessments and/bills sent and see whether or not it is a wise idea to contest these charges.


How to Contest an Assessment Sent from the Ohio Department of Taxation?

If you are under the impression that there is a flaw in your assessment, or bill, you can contest these charges by submitting a Petition for Reassessment. You have 60 days within the time you received your assessment to file this petition. You can also submit your objections to the assessment in writing and send it in to the one of the following departments.

If your bills are in reference to property, public utility, commercial activity, excise or motor fuel taxes, you can mail your petition to:

Ohio Department of Taxation, PO Box 530, Columbus OH 43216-0530.

For all other taxes, you are going to want to mail to:

Ohio Department of Taxation PO Box 1090, Columbus, OH 43216-1090. 


Something to keep in mind is that if you don’t comply with the timeframe provided, you risk losing your right to appeal your tax bill and may be forced to pay. To ensure you submit all the necessary requirements, it is always advisable that you hire an Ohio tax lawyer to help you throughout the process.

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