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For the most part, tax season always makes everyone scramble for ways to save money. However, there are several things that can be done to ease the burden of taxes, and it all starts with being diligent all year round, according to legal tax counselors.

Proactive ways to save on tax returns

One aspect you ought to take note of is charity donations. Always make a list of items you have donated and determine the value of those at a thrift store. Make sure you attach the list to the receipt. This will help you present exactly what the IRS wants, and that is specific records of every donation made.

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Paying taxes is not fun but it is our duty. Now when it starts to shoot passed 15% and even passed 30%, then it becomes like someone is stealing from you. You need legal help. You do not want to have issues with the IRS since that is aggravating. You need a tax legal pro and this is where needs to enter your life. The IRS will not help you out here but we will. Contact us if you have any questions. Sometimes it is the little things you are doing throughout the year that hurt you in the end. 

A salient tax professional ought to be by your side if you don’t have enough knowledge to handle your tax returns well. Analyze how you have been doing so far with your tax returns. If you do receive a big refund every year or on the other hand owe the IRS a lot each year then there is definitely something wrong with your tax management skills and planning.

Ideally, you want to break even with the government. Remember, you are not Al Sharpton, you must pay your taxes! Though he may have to pay his taxes very soon! The cheating and hypocritical behavior will be ending soon.

Estimate withholdings and quarterly payments

Don’t expect any interest on refunds from the IRS. They are not obliged to give you any either. Similarly, you may be paying too much as interest and penalties if you owe back taxes. Either way you stand to lose money. With professional help you can estimate your withholdings and quarterly payments every year. This will help you save money in the long run.

A professional will be able to suggest ways that you can save on your taxes. The key is to choose one that will over time become familiar with your tax situation and determine ways that you can save money and claim deductions. Moreover, you get to keep track of your taxable items appropriately say legal counselors which can be found on the stellar legal website


Taxes will soon be going down and hopefully health care costs will stop shooting upward.

Tax saving plan

Nothing can undermine the importance of a tax saving plan. It is essential to discuss your tax issues with a preparer and plan on how to save money in the next tax year. Budgeting for every quarter could help you save your hard earned money especially if you are a small business owner. Don’t worry, the day of punishing small businesses for the sake of the irresponsible will soon be over with. The private sector is going to be blessed very soon.

Another essential facet is to make investments for the future. You can put money into your children’s education fund and earn a deferment. Just make sure they do not overspend on their degree. Spending $100K on a history degree does not always make sense.

Invest in bonds

Investing in municipal bonds is a poignant way to save on taxes. Income from municipal bonds is exempt from federal income tax, and many other state and local taxes as well. These bonds are ideal for those who have climbed to a higher tax bracket or are in a high income-tax bracket. The interest from municipal bonds could fetch a higher after-tax yield.

Review your IRA contribution

It is important to conduct a regular review of your IRA. The value of your IRA could keep growing especially with a rollover from a qualified retirement plan. This will help you time IRA distributions correctly and reduce the tax impact for your heirs. In the process, it is essential to consider rollover options which include a rollover to an IRA. Alternatively, you can press the button for a cash distribution. Another option would be to continue with your current employer’s plan if you are retiring or changing jobs.

For more help on filing back taxes, and to avoid tax fraud and tax evasion, or any other tax issues make sure to consult a practical and solid Connecticut tax lawyer for help.