Is the IRS on Your Back? Our Nevada Tax Lawyers Can Help

Do you owe the IRS back taxes? If you do, you are not alone, many Americans owe back taxes and eventually receive a dreaded notice from the IRS. When you do get that notice, don’t let it strike fear in you, because you have options to pay off your back taxes.

Getting a Tax Notice

Before the IRS takes any action, they will send you a notice informing you of the problem with your taxes. Below are the common reasons you may receive a tax notice:

You owe back taxes

You have a tax debt that is several years in arrears

You violated a payment agreement

The IRS is going to garnish your wages

Intent to Levy

Intent to seize assets

All the issues listed above are complex problems that can have significant financial consequences. Unless you are facing tax fraud charges, you aren’t going to jail for an IRS debt, but the agency could plague you for years. That is why you should look for a tax attorney in Nevada to deal with the IRS on your behalf. You can find a legal firm that specializes in state and federal taxes at and arranges a case evaluation.

What Steps Do I Take if I Owe the IRS?

After you receive a tax notice, you should take the following steps:

Respond to the notice; the worst thing to do is to ignore a notice.

Call the IRS and make sure you understand the problems and the remedies available.

Make certain the IRS hasn’t made a mistake.

Contact a tax professional if you don’t know how to respond.

Set up a meeting with a local IRS agent.

Below are some IRS locations in Nevada:

Internal Revenue Service- Reno

200 S Virginia St #105, Reno, NV 89501


Internal Revenue Service- Las Vegas

110 N City Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89106

Remember the IRS makes mistakes, so you need to read the notice carefully and cross-reference it with your tax records. Next, you should let a tax lawyer determine if the notice is correct. If you do owe back taxes, you need to be aware of the IRS can do if you owe them money. The IRS can take these extreme measures:

Force you into an installment plan with high monthly payments.

Garnish your wages.

Levy your state tax refunds.

Levy your social security benefits.

Seize your bank and savings accounts.

Seize your home and other property.

You can avoid the above actions if you retain a tax attorney in Nevada to help you deal with IRS. The knowledgeable lawyers at will explain your rights and make sure you understand the options available so can you get relief from your tax debt and get the IRS off your back. Call and set up a case evaluation today.

Speak with one of our experienced and understanding tax attorneys if you have any of the following issues:


Delinquent Taxes

Tax evasion

Tax fraud