Struggling with Tax Issues in Nebraska? Our Tax Attorneys Can Help

The American tax code is ridiculously complicated, so mistakes are routine. Some errors on federal and state tax forms are minor, but some errors can create long-term problems with the IRS or Nebraska Department of Revenue. Many of the common tax mistakes filers make are easily remedied, but some problems require the attention of a tax professional.

Top Tax Mistakes

Simple errors include:

Forgetting to sign a tax document

Forgetting to put their social security number on their tax forms

Misspelled name or wrong name

A taxpayer can easily handle the above issues and without a tax professional’s assistance, but some tax problems have a long list of costly consequences.  If you are facing any of the issues below, let help you locate a nearby tax lawyer.

Missing the filing deadline- A lot of taxpayers miss the filing deadline because it slips their mind of they can complete their forms in time. Missing the filing deadly will result in a failure to file penalty which an attorney may get reduced.

Filing status errors- The status you choose on your tax form as significant bearing on the amount of taxes you pay. For instance, if you are a single parent, you might get a better tax break if you file as “head of household” and opposed to “single.”

Not disclosing additional income- Many taxpayers take side jobs throughout the year for supplemental income but don’t count that money as income on their state or federal returns. You must pay taxes on any money you earn in addition to your job. If you don’t and the IRS finds out, you could face hefty fines.

Mathematical Errors- It is easy to make a math mistake on a tax return. If you make a mathematical error, you can expect to be notified quickly and given the opportunity to correct the error. You might just get more money back, or you may have to pay more than you did with your initial filing.

Failing to File- Some taxpayers put off filing their taxes year after year and end up owing the IRS costly penalties and fines on top of their regular tax bill.

Consult with a Tax Attorney in Nebraska

Take a notice from the IRS seriously and get the advice of an expert. You should leave a complex problem up to someone with experience dealing with the IRS or Nevada Department of Revenue.

Our team of tax attorneys can also help you with any problems you encounter. They aim to save you as much money and aggravation as possible. You can find a local lawyer at to assist you with any tax matter you have. All you need to do is click on your county above, and you’ll be referred to a legal professional who will alleviate your tax woes.


Below are addresses of local tax offices if you need to speak with a tax agent in person.

Nebraska Department of Revenue

1313 Farnam St #10, Omaha, NE 68102


Internal Revenue Service- Omaha

1616 Capitol Ave #155, Omaha, NE 68102


Revenue Department

301 Centennial Mall S, Lincoln, NE 68508