Nebraska Man Caught Red-Handed for Committing Tax Evasion

Just when you think you’re clear of the IRS identifying you for committing tax fraud, you are given that reminder that they see each and every move you make, however, they had yet to proceed with acknowledging you for your wrongdoing. The IRS is permeated with intelligent individuals who know what signs to look for in those committing crimes when filing taxes, however, tax attorneys in Nebraska continue to take on these cases where individuals believed the IRS was no longer lurking.

Tax lawyer in NebraskaCompleting your tax return is generally not an exciting moment in time. The more money you make, the more penalized you feel seeing you have to continue handing in money for the taxable income you brought home the prior year. But, it is something all citizens of America must do, unless they elect otherwise.

Many individuals believe if they simply do not file their taxes, the IRS will never know of the income they earned, though, there is a fallacy to this seeing that the IRS receives a copy of every tax form you are provided upon receiving any form of income.


Nebraska tax fraud lawyers remind you that by not filing your taxes each and every year that passes by is only digging yourself into a deeper hole, leaving you with nearly no room to ever get out. For one man, that hole began to develop back in 2007 when he decided he wasn’t going to file his taxes.

Chet Lee West of Omaha, Nebraska was sentenced on August 25, 2015, to 51 months in prison, 3 years of being supervised upon release, and a whopping $439, 515 to pay in restitution. In any case such as this exhibiting such severe penalties, one always wants to have the support of a reputable Nebraska tax fraud legal representative present throughout the entire case.


Apparently, from 2007 through 2009, West had earned $272, 224 of which all was taxable income. He was expected to pay in $52, 824 to the IRS, although he evaded his income taxes and never filed his return for these years. West was even notified by the IRS that he was required to file his return. Anytime you are contacted by the IRS stating you owe money and you aware you committed a crime, it is always in your best interest to employ a tax fraud attorney in Nebraska before proceeding with handling the matter.

West chose another route, though, and rather than pay in, or accept the help from a Nebraska tax lawyer, he submitted information to his employer in order to continue avoiding having the required taxes taken out from his earnings.

Tax legal representatives remind those that may be guilty of tax evasion that the IRS eventually catches up with the illegal behavior, and the penalties can only worsen over time. Therefore, if you are being audited by the IRS or questioned for having committed tax fraud, consult with a top notch Nebraska tax evasion lawyer today to see how they can assist you in correcting this issue.