Need Help Resolving a Tax Issue in Mississippi? You’ve Come to the Right Place

Dealing with the Mississippi Department of Revenue or the IRS can be a massive headache. Some tax issues can result in costly fines and extreme collections efforts, while other tax issues can result in jail time. The consequences of a filing mistake, delinquent payment or tax evasion are greater than you realize. Don’t make your tax problems worse, get a tax expert’s assistance with whatever tax issue you have.

Filing Back Taxes

One of the most common problems for businesses and individual taxpayers is a failure to file. If you failed to file federal or state taxes for one or more years, both federal and state agencies would give you a little leeway, but you will eventually need to handle the issue or face the consequences. The IRS might let you get away without filing for several years without charging you with tax evasion, but you will be penalized. Your failure to file could result in the following actions:

Seize your bank accounts

Seize property of value

Garnish your wages

If you get an IRS notice or a notice from the Mississippi Department of Revenue, you should consult with an attorney to get their advice and then contact the IRS or local tax office.

Your state income tax returns should be sent to the following address:

  1. O. Box 23050

Jackson, MS 39225-3050

IRS Locations in Mississippi:

Internal Revenue Service- Jackson

100 W Capitol St, Jackson, MS 39202


Internal Revenue Service-Columbus

2209 N 5th St, Columbus, MS 39705

A tax lawyer can help you avoid the consequences discussed above. If you get a delinquent tax notice, you need to act quickly and get help because once those actions are set in motion, they are difficult to undue and can have a ripple effect. Don’t put off getting the help you need.


Everyone fears an audit because it means an IRS agent will be delving into all aspects of your finances. An audit requires a great deal of preparation and you will undergo intense scrutiny from tax agents. A lawyer can act as a go-between if you are being audited and help you with you interviews.

Tax Evasion and Tax Fraud

Tax evasion is a serious criminal matter and can result in significant jail time, the same goes for tax fraud. A person facing tax evasion or fraud charges needs to speak with an attorney immediately. You need a strong defense to minimize the consequences of these serious matters.

Our team of tax lawyers in Mississippi can help you the IRS matters including:

Back taxes

Installment plans

IRS Audit

Penalty reduction

Property liens

Tax evasion

Tax Fraud

Wage garnishment

USAttorneys’ team can also assist you with the following state and local tax issues:

Property Taxes

Business Taxes

State Income Taxes

Wage Garnishment

No matter what tax issue you are struggling with, USAttorneys can connect you with a tax lawyer in Mississippi. They can help you get tax relief and get the IRS or state tax agents of your back. One call can help you get these problems behind you and get back on the right track.