Hire a Tax Attorney in Maine

Did you fail to file taxes one year? Do you owe money to the IRS? If you have a tax debt or other tax-related issues, you should get legal advice because you are facing steep financial penalties and could have your property, your car or your bank account seized.  You don’t want any of those things to plague you.

Very few Americans are eager to pay their taxes; some people forget to file or simply refuse to file. Or, the make a big mistake on their returns and end up owing the IRS thousands of dollars. If you owe the IRS money or you the Maine Department of Revenue, the worst thing to do is to ignore the problem. It may take tax agents awhile ( a year or two) to discover you didn’t file or failed to pay, but when they do, your will have plenty of headaches to deal with, and financial penalties will be exorbitant.

What to Do When You Receive an IRS Notice

Before a federal or state agency moves to collect on unpaid taxes, they will send a notice which gives you several weeks to respond. Pay attention to the notice.

Make sure you read the notice thoroughly. Tax agents make mistakes so that you could have received a notice in error. You could have a made a simple mistake on one of your forms, and all you need to do is to re-submit the form. If the issue is complicated, you will need the help of a tax attorney.

If you want to meet with an IRS agent face-to-face, USAttorneys recommends you speak with a tax attorney first and then set up a meeting at one of the following locations:

Internal Revenue Service- Portland

220 Maine Mall Rd # 200, South Portland, ME 04106


Internal Revenue Service- Bangor

202 Harlow St, Bangor, ME 04401


Stay on Top of Your Taxes

Of course, the easiest way to avoid owing the IRS is to file you taxes on time or ask for an extension. Many people avoid doing their taxes because they are hard to understand, and the forms are so complicated. They just give up and sweep the matter under the rug. Don’t ignore your taxes, if you are having trouble figuring out what forms to file or how to even begin, contact a tax professional. When you act fast, you can head off any issues before they become a bigger issue.

Our network of tax lawyers in Maine can help you with:

Payroll taxes

Self-employed taxes

Small business taxes

Healthcare expenses

Itemized deductions

Corporate taxes

Maine State Taxes

Like the IRS, the state of Maine has the power to garnish your paycheck, levy your bank account. If you owe back taxes to the state, one of our tax attorneys in Maine can help you negotiate for lesser penalties and a payment plan. If you have any questions, visit the Maine Department of Revenue’s website.

Call and set up a consultation with a tax attorney before you make the costly decision to ignore your taxes. Our team of lawyers will resolve your tax issues and get the IRS off your back.