Need Help Resolving IRS Issues in Louisiana? Our Louisiana Tax Lawyers Can Help

Taxes are a thorn in the side of most Americans and cause them a great deal of anxiety with good reason. Whether it is a document filing, a tax lien or mistake on a tax form, you can alleviate your tax woes by retaining a tax attorney in Louisiana to deal with IRS agents and state tax officials.

What to Do When You Get a Tax Notice?

If you get a notice from the IRS, don’t panic. Dealing with the IRS can stressful, but not all warnings mean the worst. A notice doesn’t mean you are going to be audited; it may be a simple matter that is quickly resolved by checking a box.

When you get a tax notice, read it carefully and try to ascertain why you received the notice in the first place. You may just have to fill out a form or change an incorrect bit of information to be done with the matter. Should you receive a notice that entails more complicated tax issues, let USAttorneys connect you with a tax attorney in Louisiana.

Next, you need to respond to the IRS or state Department of Revenue. If you hired a tax attorney, they would respond to the notice for you. Don’t put off submitting your response or you could make your tax problems worse.

Before you meet with your tax professional, you need to get all your tax and related documents together, so they are handy for phones calls and meetings. Being organized will ensure you have all the information you need so that you can resolve your tax issues in a timely fashion.

What if I Owe Taxes?

If you owe taxes, you need to act quickly. First, you need to contact the IRS or Louisiana Department of Revenue and make certain they didn’t make a mistake. If you do end up owing money, you have a few of options to pay the taxes you owe. Your options include:

  • Paying the bill in full
  • Ask for an installment agreement
  • Try to minimize the penalties
  • Ask for an offer in compromise

Tax Issues in Louisiana

If you have received a notice from the Louisiana Department of Revenue, contact a local tax attorney and get their assistance. You can get more information about state taxes by visiting the Louisiana Department of Revenue.

Louisiana Department of Revenue

Collection Division

P.O. Box 201

Baton Rouge, LA 70821-0201

Top Litigated Tax Problems

Some of the top tax issues that could land you in court include:

Penalties Related to Filing Accuracy

Trade or Business Expenses

Gross Income

Charitable Deductions

Frivolous Issues Penalty

Civil Actions to Enforce Federal Tax Liens

Relief from Joint Liability

If you need assistance with a tax problem, contact one of our tax attorneys in Louisiana and set up a consultation. Our knowledgeable team will do whatever they can to resolve your tax issues quickly and relieve your burden. Call and set up a consultation with one of our tax lawyers today.