Looking to Steer Clear of the IRS?

Each year comes that one time when you have no choice but to deal with the IRS, and handle your taxes for the previous year. For some, the task is simply gathering the relevant tax forms required to file, and going online where a tax software system uses this information to determine your amount owed, or the amount you receive back. Others have a more complicated situation on their hands and require the assistance of a professional tax preparer to get the job done. Either way, you are never truly dealing with the IRS one-on-one, nor would you want to.

tax attorney in WashingtonThere are instances, though, that catch the attention of the IRS, and can bring more turmoil into your life than you really need. Lucky for you, tax attorneys in Washington have come across some useful information that can help you avoid having to deal with the IRS, provided by forbes.com.

  1. Filing- The most important part of tax season is getting those taxes filed and that return completed in a timely manner. If given an extension, be sure to get them in during the given timeframe allotted to you. Regardless of whether you can pay all that you are expected to, at least have them filed to ensure no further issues arise in the future.
  1. Separate Your Taxes- Tax forms come in many different varieties, therefore it is important to distinguish on each those deductions attributed to personal reasons and those associated with business affairs. For example, an individual who claims a vacation was a “business meeting” is not ideal to follow through with. In fact, depending on how it is filed, the IRS may consider it as committing tax fraud, which will definitely spark their interest in you.
  1. Keep Current with Records– In the event the IRS comes knocking on your door for proof of having a solar panel installed in your home, or verification that the out of state trip was in fact a business meeting is important to always have handy should an audit come your way. Depending on what the IRS is questioning may signify an opportunity for you to obtain aid from a tax fraud attorney in Washington who will gladly speak on your behalf when it comes to dealing with the IRS.
  1. Pay the Small Bills- Should you receive a bill from the IRS, and it is something you are aware you owe, and can in fact afford it, rather than contesting it and creating an even larger expense for yourself, simply pay it and move forward.

With that in mind, tax lawyers in Washington remind you to file on time, adhere to the rules of filing your taxes appropriately, and in the event the IRS has their hand out to you for money you do no believe you rightfully owe, consult with a tax legal specialist who will review with you the possible options on how to proceed with appealing these charges the IRS has provided you with.