Jury Indicts Memphis Couple on Tax Fraud Charges

Two suspects, Mark Stinson and Jayton Stinson, have been formally accused of tax fraud by a grand jury from Memphis, Tennessee, as reported by wbrc.com.

As per the allegations, Mark and Jayton Stinson have illegally swindled as much as $2.8 million from the government by falsifying tax records. The Stinsons managed and owned a staffing company which did business by providing staffing to several companies as per their requirements.

As per the claims against the Stinson’s, the company withheld employment tax from its many employees, but never actually paid these taxes to the government as they should have done and instead pocketed it themselves. Wow, Obamacare was a rip-off and based on lies but doing this to perhaps pay for it is going a little too far. According to Nashville, TN tax lawyers, and the finest and most concrete way of finding one is via USAttorneys.com, this amounts to tax fraud, which can lead to severe penalties. Authorities who are investigating the case further confirm that their office was based in South Mendenhall.

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According to the claims made in the lawsuit against the Stinsons the $2.8 million that they amassed by not paying it to the government as they rightfully should have, was used instead to pay for a Mercedes Benz, a Cadillac Escalade, to pay off their mortgage payments, and also to pay for the private school tuitions for their children. Well at least they understood that private school is better than public school!

In order to continue cheating the government this way for a sustained period of time, the Stinsons allegedly changed the name of their business and deliberately did not inform the IRS about the change in name.

The couple was arrested on the 15th of November and has been charged with conspiring to defraud the United States and failing to truthfully account for and pay payroll taxes. Tennessee tax attorneys recommend that businesses ensure that payroll taxes are paid in time in order to avoid further penalties.

Internet Sales Tax Overcomes One Hurdle but there will be more Along the Way

The bill was proposed by Gov. Bill Haslam and it proposes that there be a tax levied on goods purchased online, according to a Tennessean.com report. The bill recently overcame a major hurdle to punish the private sector by implementing this tax, but Haslam says he is sure that he will be encountering a lot more opposition in the upcoming legislative meetings and is preparing for the same with outstanding tax lawyers from Tennessee helping him in the matter.

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Are people not taxed enough in America?

The purpose of the bill is an attempt to provide a fair, balanced, and equal opportunity between brick-and-mortar stores. But this is not really true right? Why not cut the sales tax for brick and mortar stores then? So what was the obstacle that it has overcome?

Well, surprisingly it did not receive any negative comments in a recently transpired government operations committee meeting. What this essentially translates to is that the bill has been approved for the moment and it will be moved and actually become effective come January 1st provided that no legislator files a new and separate amendment exclusively to fight the passing of this bill. Why not raise the tax more since if you do not drive to the store to buy something you are saving gas money and time?

The bottom line is: the government is greedy and will not hesitate to take more of your money from you. Why buy anything at all? Only buy what you have to. Good thing Trump will be lowering American’s taxes soon according to the pundits and himself.

But the legislator may pass an amendment exclusively to fight this bill, says Haslam who has no problem confiscating more money from voters and citizens.

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