Important Tips to Consider When Filing Your Taxes for 2015

It’s here! The start of filing taxes has officially arrived. Perhaps you have begun to see those individuals dressed up standing out on the side of the street directing you to their place of employment in hopes you will choose their business to file your 2015 tax return there. Before being persuaded by one these ambitious employees, it is important to keep these tips in mind when filing your taxes this year to ensure they are handled properly. The last thing you want to have to do is hire a tax attorney in Florida to come save the day should your return be audited by the IRS for false information.

tax lawyer in FloridaWhile some find tax time to be an exciting moment in hopes they will be receiving back some of their hard-earned money in a large, lump sum, others dread even the idea of having to file their taxes. Tax lawyers understand the persistence in getting them filed the minute someone receives their W-2 from their employer, however do not rush as mistakes on your return could cause much more disarray than you already may be in trying to gather all the required information.

Provided below are a few tips from Florida tax legal representatives to keep in mind as you find yourself getting prepared to file your taxes.

Required Documents: Prior to choosing where and who you want to file your tax return with, you must first be certain you have all required documentation, including proof of income from your current or past employer. This is generally received in the form of a W-2. If you made any investments or profited from them, you will need those documents as well.  Also, any income you acquired aside from your wages earned through your jobs must be reported when filing your taxes. Should you decide to file your taxes with your spouse, they too will need to have the necessary documents handy.

Where to file: Depending on the income you have received in 2015, as well as what your situation was regarding whether or not you owned a home, and/or if you itemized each and every purchase you made that would suffice as a deduction in 2015, that will help when determining if you need assistance when filing your taxes. If your return is a bit complex, it may require the help from a tax professional, otherwise you have the option of filing your taxes with one of the many online tax preparation companies.

Tax attorneys in Florida want you to keep in mind that wherever you decide to have your tax return completed, be sure you have researched the preparer to ensure they have a clean history of tax preparation to avoid any legal mishaps. If you are currently struggling with a current situation, and you require legal advice or assistance in regards to your taxes previously filed, USAttorneys offers free, no-obligation consultations with  highly experienced tax professionals who can provide you with the guidance you may require.