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Need Help with a Tax Issue in Illinois? You’ve Come to the Right Place

Tax related legislation can be vast, complex, and can overwhelm anyone involved. The laws are not easy to comprehend and tax litigation gone wrong can have negative effects which may even include bankruptcy. If you have been issued a notice by the IRS or a local Illinois tax authority then it is in your best interest to reach out to a prolific and resolute legal professional.

You can do that right now at to ensure that you come out of your legal tax predicament as unscathed as possible. We have a list of tax pros ready for you depending on where you live. Our website just does not link people with legal counselors, it offers people salvation.

It does not matter if you are a:

  • small business
  • an individual
  • a large company (Verizon to Taco Bell)
  • a non-government organization
  • a non-profit organization

Our legal team is well versed with the tax laws in effect in the state and can represent you in your tax case like they have successfully done for thousands of clients over the decades.

Some of the services we offer and the common tax cases in which we help our clients are as follows:

  • Release of wage or bank levies

A bank levy or a wage levy is something which can to do some serious and almost irreversible damages to your finances both in the short term and the long run. This is why it is imperative that you take action as soon as possible to tackle such cases.

A levy is when the government issues an order against you by virtue of which they can acquire and liquidate your assets and property since you are unable to clear your tax dues in the time period stipulated.

You could even end up losing your home. The IRS will not show any mercy and will come at you with everything they have got. Our legal experts can help you evade such levies or avoid them all together by the means of several proven methods that they use, which includes but is not limited to:

  • negotiation
  • possibly working out a deal where you owe less
  • scheduling a structured and more convenient payback plan suitable for you (involving installments over a time period instead of a one shot clearance) etc.

Wage levies are a little different and this is where the IRS will block your salary from being credited to your bank account and will instead collect these monies as pay back for your overdue taxes. Probably not all if it, but perhaps half!

  • IRS offer in compromise

In such cases, you will end up having to pay only a fraction of what you actually owe the government in overdue taxes. It can be called paying pennies on the dollar. However, not all taxpayers are eligible and your attorney will carry out a financial analysis in order to determine whether this approach can be adopted in your case.

The Illinois tax lawyers you will find at handle all types of tax cases and remain committed to getting you the best results possible. Go to the Local Lawyers Directory Search which is on the front page of this website and after about 25 seconds of work you can find a row of legal representative all who are qualified to help you manage this emerging situation.

Get on this now. No reason to wait.

We also have an interactive map on our site where you try to find a legal pro. If you see nothing appear for you you can submit to use your information and we will call you back and help you find a lawyer. You can also use our online chat form to contact us as well.

You need legal help. The IRS is not going to help you in this endeavor. They are just doing to take. Let us intervene so the situation does not grow into a catastrophe.