Is the IRS on Your Back? Our Idaho Tax Lawyers Can Help

A lien is an action taken against you by the federal government by virtue of which they can liquidate your assets and property and acquire the resulting money for themselves in cases where you are unable to pay back your tax debts in the given timeline for any reason.

In this case, property or assets refers to all personal, financial, and even real estate assets. Furthermore, when a lien is officially filed against you, it becomes a matter of public record and this could tarnish your social reputation and also your professional aspirations, etc.

When a lien is filed, it will detail the amount of money you owe as debt to the government or the IRS in the precise time that it is imposed in a public document known as the Notice of Federal Tax Lien. This will basically serve to heed warning to any potential lenders stating that you owe the government money and that your assets may at any point in time be liquidated and acquired by the government. Not an ideal situation!

The writing is on the wall

These records certainly don’t go under the radar. They are picked up by credit reporting agencies and guess what: your credit scores will most certainly take a bashing. This is when you need legal help. This is about the time the stuff should hit the fan in your life.

Good thing you are here at This site is your digital outlet to secure a lawyer which you certainly need in your life right now. A tax legal representative will be able to work with the IRS and work out a deal so you can pay them off in an orderly manner before you lose your possessions and so on.

Generally, in The Gem State, tax liens may be filed against you within a period of just ten days after a demand is issued to you which instructs that you pay your tax debts that are stipulated right away.

How to avoid tax liens

Obviously, if you want avoid tax liens then the answer is simple – just make sure you have paid all your tax dues at all times to the government before the IRS decides to file a lien against you which will essentially allows them to take everything that is yours.

However, just as obviously, sometimes we just don’t have the money to pay all of the dues in one payment and right away – what then? Well, that is when a stellar legal counselor comes into the picture and he or she will be able to assist you in arranging a payback plan with the IRS where you will have to pay monthly installments until the time that your dues are completely cleared as briefly mentioned already.

There are other ways too by means of which you may be able to evade tax liens filed by the IRS such as a:

  • payment treaty
  • a reduction of outstanding dues to lesser than $25,000
  • withdrawal method
  • release method

Without going into too much detail, we will have you know that taxation is vast and complex. If you are not well versed with the tax legislation then you will most certainly be overwhelmed by it and may end up losing your:

  • house
  • art
  • UTV or a side by side
  • ATVs
  • car
  • dishes
  • clothes
  • watches
  • computers
  • flat screen
  • bikes, and so on.

A measured and suitable response to this threat

You should not take risks when it comes to tax liens. To avoid those risks simply use the Local Lawyers Directory Search which is on the front page of this site to find a legal counselor near you. You will probably see several appear in front of you depending on where you live. Legal help is right around the virtual corner!

You will gain access to a list of legal experts who you can call right away and have your tax issues on the path to being resolved.

If you still need help then our representatives are always available which you can have one contact you if you use the interactive map and click on the county where you live. On top of this, you can contact us via the live chat option and we can call you back this way too and help you find the attorney you need to square this situation up with the authorities.

Let’s do this today, we know exactly what it takes to make tax liens go away.