How to Get Along with Tax Disputes with the IRS

Disputes between common taxpayers like us and the IRS is a common affair. If you wish to initiate one or find yourself in the middle of one, it would be prudent to seek assistance from a tax attorney of repute. The IRS would be issuing a Notice of Proposed Adjustment or NOPA on your name.American Tax System

A Letter

In response you can seek help from your tax lawyer and choose to either agree to the proposal or provide additional documents for supporting your position. In an event when the issue cannot be resolved, a letter will be issued to you, proposing deficiency in tax payments which needs to be resolved within a period of 30 days. For initiating a dispute you would have to write a formal protest asking for an IRS review. It certainly should not be hand written either.

Decreasing the Time Involved

As tax attorneys would elaborate, the Appeals Office of the IRS would offer four tools for dispute resolution. These include early referrals for appeals, fast-track settlements, mediations post appeal, and delegation of orders. If the issues involved are few, a fast track kind of settlement could be opted for which settles the matter in 120 days flat. Other specific pre conditions are applicable for approaching each of the three remaining tools for resolving the disputes. And you would need the sound advice a tax lawyer of repute in order to be able to choose one that is likely to be the best.

It is important to understand that several technically tax related aspects would have to be considered before deciding upon which option is actually well suited for you. Attempting an assessment on your own could therefore prove to be a gross mistake. IRS disputes can prove to be immensely complex if you do not have a sound understanding of taxation laws. Your tax professional would be best suited to make informed decisions. And, he should be trained in dealing with IRS disputes.

Your life is complicated enough. If you are in this situation there is plenty to be distressed about, make sure you choose a legal tax professional who can navigate through this mine field.