How to Appeal a Claim Made by the IRS

While the Internal Revenue System (IRS) may lag in how rapidly they respond to suspicious activity filed in a tax return, there are occasions when they decide to take it upon themselves and deem some aspect or another to be inaccurate, leaving you with either a hefty fine, or a large sum of money that is expected to be paid out.  As there are times when deductions are wrongfully filed on your return you were unaware of, or the IRS simply wants more proof provided to be sure your purchases were legitimate, you may find yourself having to appeal a claim made on behalf of the IRS.

tax attorney in KansasTax attorneys in Kansas have provided below some possible reasons why an appeal would arise given directly from

  • examination adjustments
  • penalties
  • interest
  • trust fund recovery penalties
  • offers in compromise
  • liens

In the event the IRS has reviewed a previously filed tax return, and believes more information is required before you are free from the burden of having to pay yet another penny in, you will receive a report or letter that will explain the action they have taken in this matter. In this letter you are also given the opportunity to request a conference with an Appeals or Settlement Officer.

While these appeals conferences are more of an informal type of meeting, this could be the determining factor in whether or not the IRS proceeds with these attempts to collect, as well as the documentation you may be required to provide to ensure the collection action is removed.

Anytime you appeal against an accusation or claim made by the IRS, you have the option of handling the case on your own, which often times can be intimidating and complex. Therefore, with the assistance of a Kansas tax lawyer, you are given the opportunity to allow your legal representative to speak on your behalf who is knowledgeable on the topic.

It is important to keep this vital piece of information in mind. As a tax-paying citizen, you are given rights to appeal any claim that you deem is illegitimate and wrong. The IRS may claim you misfiled or received a refund for something you were not necessarily entitled to. Going up against the IRS on your own may only cause the situation to worsen, which is why USAttorneys features the knowledgeable tax legal representatives it does to help aid in these common situations that arise.

While having a legal support system behind you and guiding you behind all the decisions made regarding this matter is helpful, not always will you require the need to take your dispute against the IRS to court.

Whether you are on the verge of committing to an appeal conference or have already made it beyond that point, yet believe you do not owe the IRS any more money than what was already paid in, take the initial step in obtaining the proper assistance by consulting with one of our reputable Kansas tax fraud attorneys today.