How Reputable are the Investigators Working for the IRS?

While is the IRS is quick to provide you with tips on how to successfully file your taxes and how to make the overall process easier to accomplish, they also tend to reveal the many cases of tax fraud and evasion that occurred back in the 2015 tax year. Although the 2016 year has yet to reach the deadline, it can be concluded the IRS will be sure to conduct their extensive investigation to ensure they are as successful in identifying these criminals as they were during 2015. Tax attorneys in Alabama have come across some of the many cases reported by the IRS proving how serious it can be when engaging in illegal acts involving taxes.

tax fraud lawyers in shared on March 22, 2016 just how persistent, and lucrative the IRS has been at identifying, as well as reprimanding those who simply chose to not comply with the laws set forth regarding taxes, and took it upon themselves to attempt to make an earning off of others as well as the IRS.

Alabama tax lawyers highlight that in 2015, the IRS “initiated 776 investigations into tax-related identify theft,” and among that number, 774 jail sentences were put out “thanks to the efforts of the IRS Criminal Investigation unit.”

Amongst the 10 accounts the site included, one involved nine individuals who found themselves targeted by the IRS, and found guilty for their unethical actions. Keisha Lanier, citizen of Montgomery, Alabama, now faces “180 months in prison, three years of supervised release and ordered to forfeit more than $5.8 million” seeing that she was considered the “leader” in carrying out the crime.

As tax fraud legal representatives urge tax payers to always file accurately and in a timely manner, there are others out in our society who use information in an unauthorized manner to conduct the false filing of a tax return. In fact, Lanier, along with her following ring of individuals, “filed more than 9,000 false individual federal income tax returns that claimed more then $24 million.” While many may be under the impression that the IRS takes their time in recognizing those for conducting themselves in an illegal manner, they do in fact have investigators working behind the scenes with their eyes out for any suspicious acts.

Another account that caught the attention of the IRS and its investigators involved a Tampa couple who now will be spending some serious time behind bars in a federal prison. James Lee Cobb lll “was sentenced to 27 years behind bars, and his wife Eneshia Carlyle to 138 months in prison.  Tax fraud lawyers in Alabama note that the couple was brought up on charges of “mail fraud, wire fraud and aggravated identify theft.”

Tax season is in fact a daunting one for many, especially if you have found yourself entangled in a debacle involving your own identify being stolen. In the event you have incurred a situation with the IRS, USAttorneys offers a team of dedicated Alabama tax fraud attorneys who are easily accessible, and ready to provide you with their support and knowledge to get you through this misunderstanding.