How can a Tax Lawyer Help Me Deal with the IRS

Hiring a tax lawyer in Dallas, TX is a wise thing to do if you need to review your IRS account. It is not uncommon when you might be entitled to refunds that you have failed to collect. Receiving an assessment letter from the IRS indicates that you owe them money.

This is not good! It is not even good when you owe your mother money, let alone the IRS. You can work with your mother; the IRS is not a bank. They want their money and setting up convenient monthly installments with your mother is not that hard normally.


Taxes used to be on their way up, those days are thankfully over with.

American politicians have all but bankrupted this country and stole its wealth, Obamacare was certainly one massive entitlement America could not afford and most Americans did not even want. But you have to pay some taxes right? OK, let’s get back on track. Working with the IRS is not really that convenient.

The letter will include fees, interest, and penalties regarding the debt. This is usually the first step taken by the IRS in their collection process. Your duty is to respond the assessment letter and having a lawyer respond on your behalf is a wise thing to do.

Federal tax lien

According to the IRS, a federal tax lien can have an adverse impact on an individual. This includes attachment of your assets such as properties, vehicles, and securities, in addition to all business property as well. Even if you file for bankruptcy the lien may continue while your ability to get credit will be seriously limited.

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Received an assessment letter from the IRS? Do not panic. No reason for that. Find a tax legal pro which can be done using Start the process back to less stress and tranquility.

If you have a Federal Tax Lien filed against you by the IRS, everything that you own can go under the collections process, which includes your property as well. In this case, you ought to seek help from a legal professional who can step in and argue the case on your behalf.

The IRS usually takes this step when you fail to respond to their notices for payments due or a Notice and Demand for Payment. With help, you will be able to make payment arrangements and get the lien released.

A Federal Tax Lien indicates that the IRS can take further action where your bank accounts can also be levied. A Notice of Intent to Levy from the IRS leaves you with only thirty days to respond and stop the IRS from further action, which is why you need to engage the services of a finance legal representative who can be found on the amazing website which the IRS will not inform you about but they will be content if you use this site since they want this matter settled quickly too.

If you are employed the IRS can also request your employer to deduct a specific amount and send it to them.

This is not the time to a vacation to Vegas! This is not the time to be Ferris Bueller.

Penalties under the Trust Fund Recovery Act

If you are a business owner, you will need the services of an attorney if the IRS issues a Trust Fund Recovery Act penalty against you. This is usually in response to unpaid employment taxes, and penalties can be severe. These are compelling circumstances and rather than rely on your own judgment, you need to have faith in a legal representative to tide you through these difficulties.

As per the IRS, those who willfully fail to withhold, account for, or deposit or pay specified taxes including NRA withholding and employment taxes, can be held liable for penalties equal to the full amount of the unpaid tax plus interest.

Pay your bills! Pay your taxes! Unless you are a buddy of Bill Clinton who rewards tax cheats.

Responding to tax notices

Once you hire a tax lawyer in Texas, the IRS will divert all collection efforts and enter into negotiation with the legal counselor. Issues such as responding to notices and calls will also be taken care of by your legal counsel.

When it is a matter of taxes, even a small mistake on your part can lead to confusion. Your legal eyes are most likely to figure out these mistakes before they start to spell trouble for you, hopefully! If you have any issues or if you believe you may have one, go to the site mentioned and linked above to secure for yourself a proper legal professional.

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