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Struggling with Tax Problems in Hawaii? Our Hawaii Tax Lawyers are Here to Help

If you happen to be in a predicament concerning tax related legal challenges in Hawaii then you must know that the IRS is not easy to deal with. They can be pretty aggressive when it comes to recovery procedures and may even hit you with heavy tax penalties and fines which can leave you financially in a helpless situation.

At, you will find the best tax legal counselor with plenty of experience in dealing with the IRS and defending people just like you to ensure the best possible outcome for any type of legal tax related challenges.

You have options and our website offers you a plethora of legal representatives to help you get out of this legal jam. You do not want to prolong this situation, that will only cost you more and aggravate this situation.

You want to turn this corner

In Honolulu specifically, one of the most common issues which residents face is the fact that they are completely overwhelmed and stressed about IRS back taxes they owe. In addition, they keep receiving letters and notices from IRS revenue officers which are downright intimidating at times. In fact, collection agents may even approach alleged tax defaulters and tell them that they will be taking away their money, property, and other assets.

Sleeping on the beaches in Hawaii are not allowed! If you think you can do that, then you are not thinking properly! Sleeping on sand is not that comfortable either, it is harder than you think!

All of this can leave you completely helpless and feeling cornered. However, you should know that you are not on your own and our legal team can assist with all of your legal tax predicaments and ensure that get out of your tax problems with minimal disruption to your finances, assets, and business.

But you need to take some initiative and since you have made it this far, you are very close to turning this tax legal corner and making this situation right.

Our legal experts strongly believe that nobody deserves to be hunted down and threatened by the IRS or any other local tax authority in the way that so often happens to so many struggling middle class Americans. Whether you are an…..

  • individual
  • a corporation
  • small business
  • a nonprofit organization

…….we will ensure that you are well represented and we will fight to get you an outcome which is desirable. The type of entity does not matter, we help organizations of all sizes and types. We do not discriminate! We know this is a serious situation.

What our legal experts can do for you

Their services include an array of tax issues but are not limited to:

  • Stopping IRS levies on wages and garnishment of bank accounts
  • Offer in Compromise – reduce back taxes
  • We represent non-filers
  • IRS tax audits
  • IRS tax lien issues
  • Tax court litigation
  • Getting rid of taxes through bankruptcy
  • Collection due process and appeals
  • Audit reconsideration

Furthermore, if you happen to be a victim of tax fraud where the fraudsters by illegal means acquired your sensitive information and filed for tax returns and collected your tax returns, then we can help you recover from these losses. We enjoy striking back at shoddy people and correcting wrongs.

On the other hand, if you have been wrongfully accused of having committed tax fraud, then too, we can come to your defense and avert potential jail time, hefty fines, and other penalties.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to contact some exceptional tax lawyers in Hawaii, or just one, which you can do with some simple clicks by using our interactive map and the use of your phone.

Fill out our contact form or use the only chat pop up window if you have any issues here. We want to help you in this matter. We know you are stressed out and upset. With the right legal pro you can correct this situation. You are a step away.

Make that appointment now. Call up an attorney today! The IRS will not do this for you.