Guilty of Unfiled Tax Returns?

As everyone seems to preparing themselves for the filing of their 2016 tax return, you may be sitting back wondering what steps you should be taking seeing that you haven’t filed taxes in the last few years. While it may have been intentionally overlooked, the fact is, you did not acknowledge to the IRS the income you received, and the possible amount you were required to pay in on that taxable income. California tax fraud attorneys at USAttorneys are here to tell you that you no longer need to dread the start of the new year in fear the IRS is going to learn of your misfiled taxes and haul you off to jail.

tax lawyer in CaliforniaTax lawyers in California want you to know that you are not alone, and while there are probably many other citizens who have failed to file their tax return, stepping up now and facing obligations by hiring a tax fraud legal representative is your best bet in handling this matter. The thought of dealing with the IRS is pretty frightening, but rest assured, your legal support will be your voice and represent you through this matter to help attain a positive outcome that finally places this burden to rest.

Listed below are some common reasons why individuals fail to file taxes.

  • Not enough time- We are all guilty of using this excuse at some point in our life to avoid having to deal with a financial burden placed in our hands. The fact is, whether your tax return is simple or complex, you have months to take it to a tax preparer who can do all the work for you. All you need to do on your part is gather any pertinent information such as W-2’s and proof of income received, and let your tax professional take it from there.
  • Fear the amount of money owed- A common misconception many people fall victim to is “if I don’t deal with it, it will go away.” Unfortunately, at some point, the IRS will eventually learn of your unfiled tax returns and rather than adding on to the expensive penalties and possible conviction for not filing, it is advisable to obtain legal advice from someone who knows this justice system in and out, a tax fraud legal representative.

Whether you found yourself to be “too busy” or scared to see how much you would be paying back the government in tax, it is time to put that all behind and begin your journey to a fresh start where each coming year you no longer have to dread the words “tax season.” has an entire database full of highly knowledgeable tax attorneys in California who you can trust, and will represent you through the entire process beginning with acknowledging to the IRS of your wrongdoing.

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