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Our website has saved lives before. Our website was built for those who have been wronged by the system or need legal help for a variety of matters. This is not some other country where the system can just smash someone into the ground without going through the necessary protocols. In America, you deserve to have your day in court and to have your word heard!

Broadly, the type of legal services that we provide can be classified as:

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Tax audits

Irrespective of whether you are an individual or organization, it is undoubtedly overwhelming and intimidating when the IRS sends you a notice stating that you are going to be subjected to a tax audit. The IRS can be ruthless in an audit, which if not dealt with properly, can spell financial doom for companies and individuals as well. The repercussions can include heavy fines and tax penalties and maybe even a criminal charge and prison time if the IRS determines that you have violated tax laws.

The legal pros you will find here have helped thousands of clients through intensive audits conducted by the IRS and local tax authorities. They will be able to help you get your affairs in order, get all of the documentation prepared and ready to present, and most importantly make all the numbers add up and match.

IRS employment tax – misclassification

Wrongly categorizing workers as independent contractors may result in numerous tax penalties, fines, and so forth at both the state and federal levels. To complicate things further, the laws surrounding these issues vary from one state to the other. Therefore what may be the norm in one state regarding employment tax can be a violation in another state.

Medical marijuana tax audits

Marijuana, although legalized as per Florida state law, is still classified as a drug federally and so there are intricate legal complications that may arise when it comes to filing income tax IRS returns from selling medical marijuana. It won’t take you more than a minute using the fantastic interactive map on to find a profound Florida tax lawyer to help any medical marijuana dispensers stay out of trouble and remain compliant with even federal tax laws.

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