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The IRS has dedicated a special unit exclusively for the purpose of investigating and handling possible criminal tax related violations committed by individuals, corporations, and other organizations alike.

They are responsible for delving deep into cases involving money laundering, currency violations, wire fraud, anti-trust violations, and bank secrecy act violations. This unit is known as the IRS Criminal Investigation Division or CI in short.

The Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS is comprised of well experienced financial forensic experts who have gone through rigorous training to identify anything out of the norm in terms of legal tax violations.

These officers are known for not holding back when it comes to aggressive and full-fledged investigations in order to uncover any potential tax violations that an individual or a business may have committed, including, but not limited to the following:

  • General tax fraud
  • Return preparer fraud
  • Questionable refunds
  • Abusive use trusts
  • Frivolous filer/non-filer
  • Employment tax fraud
  • Voluntary disclosures
  • Undisclosed offshore accounts
  • Excise tax fraud

In terms of the number of convictions vs. the number of investigations completed, the Division of Criminal Investigation of the IRS are renowned for having one of the highest rates of conviction in all of federal law enforcement.

You must know that tax violations are crimes just like theft or burglary are, and so the judicial system in the District of Columbia, not unlike in other states of the country, will impose severe consequences which could include lengthy prison sentenced, hefty fines and penalties, seizure of assets and properties, and so on.

We at have seen hundreds of business shut down and thousands of individuals go bankrupt because of an investigation turned conviction led by the criminal investigation division of the Internal Revenue System. This is why you need a tax legal representative. This is not something that is going to go away just because you with is too or because tomorrow is a new day.

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The importance of an early intervention

If you have been summoned for an IRS audit or have been notified of an investigation against you for any tax related violation you need to take it seriously. This is a serious crime with serious repercussions that can turn your life upside down if you do not act quickly.

One of the key factors that can help you come out of such an investigation unscathed is reaching out to a committed, motivated, and sagacious District of Columbia tax lawyer. The earlier you and your legal tax representative start working to defend you against the IRS, the better your chances of surviving the IRS investigation.

And is just where you can connect with shining legal counselors. They are well experienced in dealing with the IRS and their investigations have successfully protected an overwhelming majority of clients against such IRS targeted investigations and possible witch hunts. It is not your fault the country is trillions in debt!

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