Need Help Fighting the IRS? Our Connecticut Tax Attorneys Can Help!

Yes, many individuals and companies do have problems with the IRS which range from delinquent taxes, penalties, audits, liens and levies, and wage garnishments, to name a few.

Tax related legal issues can be a nightmare for anyone who isn’t a professional tax legal counselor. Tax laws vary from one state to the other, and Connecticut is no exception. The laws and legislation surrounding tax issues are very complex and it can be daunting for anyone to deal with things like an IRS audit or a tax debt, and so forth.

At, you will find tax legal representatives who are not just the crop of the cream in the state of Connecticut, but are also some of the best legal tax reps in all of the America itself. They have extensive experience in dealing with both the IRS and local tax authorities and will be able to effectively resolve all of your legal tax challenges and ensure that the consequences you face are minimal if at all.

Dedication and commitment is imperative when it comes to complex tax laws and our legal counselors have decades of experience under their belts. It does not matter what your legal tax challenges are, they will be able to break them down into the smaller problems and tackle them one at a time until the issue is resolved.

This could be any number of tax related issues such as:

  • Be it a tax litigation notice
  • A criminal state or federal charge for alleged tax violation
  • An IRS audit which has resulted in heavy penalties and assessed taxes
  • Tax related advice for your business so you can minimize losses due to taxing
  • Nonprofit advice
  • If you need a professional to handle your tax based issues stemming from a divorce
  • And so on!

Liens and Levies

When it comes to federal tax liens, what is critical to realize is that these are documents which are basically public records. This means that you owe the IRS money and that is what the document will states. This document will be accessible to the public.

Needless to say, this is not the best thing for your social reputation. In addition, your professional aspirations will take a hit too as any potential employer who does a background check will be able to view this public record.


The IRS and other local tax authorities use a technique to recover monies that you owe them by forcefully deducting money from your paychecks even before your salary is credited, be it on a weekly or monthly basis. Our legal experts can help you fight this and get a better, more convenient, and feasible repayment schedule which will give you more time and lesser monthly installments.

If you need help with any tax issue, we strongly urge to contact a judicious Connecticut tax lawyer. And you will find them right here at using out interactive map. With just a few keystrokes and clicks you can find rows of tax legal pros. You only need one but if you call up a few to speak to them, you can do that as well.

If you have any issues with this you could use the live chat to speak with one of our representatives right now or use the contact form and send us your information so we can call you back which we will do shortly thereafter.

We want you to get through this with flying colors. If that is not possible, we want to help you put yourself in the best tax legal position possible. Make it happen! Let’s start down this road now!