Are You in Need of Tax Relief in California?

Tax is a word many Californians dread which is no different than anyone else in any other state. It is complicated, involves a lot of numbers, and can really get overwhelming for anyone who is not familiar with it. Furthermore, dealing with the Franchise Tax Board in California is not a very pleasant experience at all.

According to our terrific tax legal pros, most people who have had to deal with this board will have you know that they ended up frustrated and may even testify that it was even more intimidating than having to deal with the Internal Revenue System (IRS). Especially considering many of them may be out of touch with what it is like to actually have to work for a living but that is another topic.

Such accounts, in reality, are not far from the truth at all. At, you will find experts in tax law with decades of experience in dealing with both the IRS and the Franchise Tax Board. Just click and call! We can positively tell you that the Franchise Tax Board is in fact a lot more aggressive when it comes to collecting a withstanding amount when contrasted to the IRS.

The Franchise Tax Board will not stop at anything and their tax bureaucrats will use every legal means at their disposal to ensure that they recover every penny from you, irrespective of how severely it can handicap you financially.

Furthermore, the collection agents and representatives are also demanding, abrasive, and downright threatening in nature when it comes to recovering money they believe you owe them.

In addition, Franchise Tax Board financial statements also demand a much more in depth and transparent disclosure when compared to their IRS counter parts. Tax payers need to completely disclose sensitive information to the Franchise Tax board, even information that they would normally not have to give away to the Internal Revenue System.

If all of that wasn’t difficult enough to deal with, you must also know that tax cases that go to the Franchise Tax Board are going to take a lot longer than those that the IRS deals with in terms of resolution time. This can be attributed to the fact that the Franchise Tax Board simply has a lot many more levels of administration that your case will have to trickle through. Welcome to California!

In fact, especially in cases where one is attempting to make a California State Tax Settlement, it can take over a year for approvals to come through.

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As you should have deduced by now dealing with the Franchise Tax Board is going to be a handful. Therefore it would be a wise decision to refrain from representing yourself and appointing an experienced California tax lawyer to make things a lot easier. Right here at you can call one of the top legal experts in your neighborhood or area! Or more than one really!

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