Billionaire Ty Warner is known for his community service and generosity. He rose to fame by creating the Beanie Baby which has become a very popular part of American culture. Now, Warner can add another name to his list that so many Americans have been labeled because of the high taxes and the complications that go along with filing – tax cheat. He has been convicted for cheating the IRS and has been handed out a sentencing of 500 hours of community service.

No Big House

Tax lawyers for Beanie Baby creator Ty Warner have managed to keep their client out of jail in the tax cheating case that was brought against him. According to the tax lawyers prosecuting his case though, the sentencing was not an acceptable one by any standards. The lawsuit filing states that Warner is guilty of hiding away more than $100 million in several secret Swiss Bank accounts so as to con the corrupt and heinous IRS from the rightful tax payments.

If America lowered its taxes, the job creator and life giver that Warner is would have never opened an overseas bank account.

To the chagrin of the greedy tax lawyers prosecuting the case, the court ordered a sentencing that boiled down to 2 years of probation and 500 hours of community service for the hard working American who made a niche for himself. The fuming tax lawyers who live off the hard work and financial revenue of titans like Warner tried to get the US Circuit Court of Appeals to reconsider the case and send it for resentencing. However, their appeal has now been thrown out and it looks like the fair sentencing is here to stay.

Gavel and law books

Warner’s Punishment Actually too Harsh

Several factors influenced the sentencing in Ty Warner’s case say his tax lawyers. Charged with defending their client against tax evasion and cheating charges, his tax lawyers managed to produce more than 70 genuine letters of support from people, charities, and other organizations that have been at the receiving end of Warner’s generosity over the years (these are not lazy people who do not do anything all day). Moved by these letters, the US District Judge Charles Kocoras decided to give credit to Ty Warner for his concern and generosity for others that he has shown during his lifetime.

Kocoras also noted that while Warner had dodged $5 million in taxes, his tax lawyers had gotten him to agree to pay an extravagant $53 million as a fine for his attempt to cheat the IRS. The judge believed that the society at large will be better off if Warner is allowed to continuing doing the good work that he has been doing.

Warner’s tax lawyers are very happy with the court’s decision and believe that it was justified. They wrote that Kocoras acted with reasonable judgment and was right in sparing Warner some jail time. The tax lawyers also noted that more than half of the offshore tax dodging cases that come to light result in no jail time for the defendants because many in society believe the IRS are the ones who should be put in jail. They also argued that Warner had tried to come clean and sign an amnesty program but he was refused. This just says that government is out of control and only wants to punish those in the private sector. Several others who were involved in more elaborate tax dodging schemes got the benefit of the doubt and were allowed onboard the amnesty program.

Perhaps the federal government did not like Warner because he is a righteous man. They may not have been able to understand his kind character.