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Credit Suisse Likely to Face Tax Evasion Hearing

February 20, 2014/by DAMG

GE Files Case Seeking $658 M Tax Refund

February 19, 2014/by DAMG

ABBA Reveals the Reason for Outrageous Outfits

February 18, 2014/by DAMG

Reinsurers Might Obtain U.S. Tax Refund

February 17, 2014/by DAMG

U.S. Appeals Sentence to Beanie Baby Maker

February 14, 2014/by DAMG

More States Reduce Income Tax Rates to Attract Investment

February 13, 2014/by DAMG

Appeals Court Squashes IRS Crackdown of Tax Return Preparers

February 12, 2014/by DAMG

Former UBS Banker Agrees to Plead Guilty in Tax Fraud Case

February 11, 2014/by DAMG

Almost 3,000 Renounce U.S. Citizenship, Green Cards in 2013

February 10, 2014/by DAMG

U.S. Charges Swiss Asset Manager for Helping Tax Evasion

February 7, 2014/by DAMG

The IRS is Begging for More Money so they Sign a Deal with Canada

February 6, 2014/by DAMG

France Likely to Claim 1 B Euro Tax from Google

February 5, 2014/by DAMG

A Dutch Tax Haven Boosts IBM Profits

February 4, 2014/by DAMG

Voluntary Disclosure Plan for Offshore Account Holders

February 3, 2014/by DAMG

Alexion Pharma Moves Headquarters to Ireland

January 31, 2014/by DAMG

Senators Aim to Curb Tax Exemptions for Major Pro Sports Bodies

January 30, 2014/by DAMG

Oklahoma’s Capital Gains Tax Statute Challenged in Court

January 29, 2014/by DAMG

Tax-Free Gifts Multiplied to Take Advantage of an IRS Exemption

January 28, 2014/by DAMG

Fiat-Chrysler to have UK Tax Residency, Listed on NYSE

January 27, 2014/by DAMG

Bill Gates Favors Higher Personal Tax Rates in the U.S. Despite Americans Sick of High Taxes

January 24, 2014/by DAMG

Credit Suisse in Possible $800 M Deal with U.S. Over Tax Dodging

January 23, 2014/by DAMG

Tax Attorneys Wonder About the Merit of the FATCA

January 22, 2014/by DAMG

U.S. FATCA Applies to Green Card Holders, Citizens

January 21, 2014/by DAMG

U.S. Tech Firms Try to Stop Tax Avoidance Reforms

January 20, 2014/by DAMG

Court Rejects Challenge to Tax Compliance by Caribbean Offshore Accounts

January 17, 2014/by DAMG

Applicability of Health Law Tax Credits

January 16, 2014/by DAMG

Switzerland Starts Probe on Banker Who helped U.S. Tax Authorities

January 15, 2014/by DAMG

Status of Tax in Regards to Severance Pay

January 14, 2014/by DAMG

Impact of U.S. Laws to Stop Tax Evasion through Offshore Accounts

January 13, 2014/by DAMG

What happens to Joint Tax Liabilities after Separation?

January 10, 2014/by DAMG

Are Personal Injury Settlements Taxable?

January 9, 2014/by DAMG

What should You do When the IRS Tries to Collect a Tax Bill?

January 8, 2014/by DAMG

Tax Fraud or Negligence?—How Does the IRS Differentiate Between the Two?

January 7, 2014/by DAMG

Tax Breaks that have Now Disappeared in 2014

January 6, 2014/by DAMG

Beanie Baby Billionaire has a New Year Wish!

January 3, 2014/by DAMG

Some Important Tax Related Questions to Begin the Year With

January 2, 2014/by DAMG

Some Outstanding Tax Tips as the New Year Steps In

December 31, 2013/by DAMG

Tax Attorneys: What can they do?

December 30, 2013/by DAMG

Some Practical Tips when Dealing with a Tax Dispute

December 27, 2013/by DAMG

Steps Involved in Locating a Tax Attorney

December 26, 2013/by DAMG

Pitfalls of Sourcing Tax Attorneys Online

December 23, 2013/by DAMG

Should You Search for a Tax Attorney Online?

December 20, 2013/by DAMG

A Tax Accountant or a Tax Attorney—Whom do you Need?

December 19, 2013/by DAMG

Deal with Your Tax Woes with Tax Attorneys

December 18, 2013/by DAMG

Tax Brackets for 2014 Announced

December 17, 2013/by DAMG

The Tax Outlook for 2014 not that Terrible According to Tax Attorneys

December 16, 2013/by DAMG

Salient Information Pertaining to Child Tax Credits

December 13, 2013/by DAMG

Some Problems a Taxpayer Advocate would Address

December 12, 2013/by DAMG

Problems Taxpayer Advocates Won’t Address!

December 11, 2013/by DAMG

How to go about Dealing with IRS Disputes?

December 10, 2013/by DAMG

The Importance of Researching a Tax Attorney Before You Hire Them

December 9, 2013/by DAMG

Distinct Pointers to Lookout for when Choosing Tax Attorneys

December 6, 2013/by DAMG

Some Frequently Asked Questions for Tax Attorneys

December 5, 2013/by DAMG

How to Get Along with Tax Disputes with the IRS

December 4, 2013/by DAMG

Decoding an IRS Notice or a Letter

December 3, 2013/by DAMG

What can the IRS do if you do not meet your tax payment obligations?

December 3, 2013/by DAMG

Why choose Certified Specialists for IRS Tax Resolution Assistances?

December 2, 2013/by DAMG

Be Careful when Engaging a Tax Attorney

November 27, 2013/by DAMG

How can you find an IRS Tax Attorney for your Case?

November 26, 2013/by DAMG

Tax Lawyers: Hiring one could make Your Life Simple!

November 25, 2013/by DAMG

Some Questions for Tax Attorneys

November 22, 2013/by DAMG

Engaging a Tax Attorney for Your Assistance

November 21, 2013/by DAMG

What does a Tax Attorney Do?

November 21, 2013/by DAMG

Why do American Expats Need Tax Attorneys?

November 19, 2013/by DAMG

U.S. Tax Attorneys Seek Information from Five Banks

November 19, 2013/by DAMG

Is Having a Tax Attorney Necessary?

November 18, 2013/by DAMG

Apple Under the Scanner for Alleged Tax Fraud in Bankrupt Italy

November 14, 2013/by DAMG

What the Bible Says about Tax Policies

November 13, 2013/by DAMG

Employer Provided Insurance to be Affected by ObamaCare

November 12, 2013/by DAMG

Expatriates Cry Foul over the American Tax System

November 11, 2013/by DAMG

Prosecutors Seek Clues on Tax Evaders

November 8, 2013/by DAMG

Colorado Votes for Pot Sales Tax

November 7, 2013/by DAMG

Stock Options to Prove Handy for Tax Savings for Tech Companies

November 6, 2013/by DAMG

About 17 Million Americans can Avail Tax Credits Under Obamacare

November 5, 2013/by DAMG

Tax Attorneys Warn Public of Telephone Tax Scam Using Fake IRS Numbers

November 4, 2013/by DAMG

Bill Gross is Seriously Ignorant on the History of Governments and What Makes a Strong Economy

November 1, 2013/by DAMG

James Dubick Places Fresh Petition before U.S. Attorney General

October 31, 2013/by DAMG

Tracked Cars to Fund U.S. Roads

October 30, 2013/by DAMG

Tax Avoidance Hub Maker is a Local Hero

October 29, 2013/by DAMG

De Blasio Plans to Tax the Wealthy Further More!

October 28, 2013/by DAMG

Eliminating a Billion $ Worth of Tax Break, a Possibility

October 25, 2013/by DAMG

U.S. Airways’ Profits Dwindle Due to Higher Taxes

October 24, 2013/by DAMG

Chicago Mayor Proposes Hike in Cigarette Tax

October 23, 2013/by DAMG

Ex UBS Official Wanted in Tax wanted in Tax Probe Hunted Down in Italy

October 22, 2013/by DAMG

Russell Brand has a Thing for Cheryl Cole

October 18, 2013/by DAMG

Price Blames Ex Husband for Career Debacle

October 17, 2013/by DAMG

Disturbing Notes by Donald Glover in the News

October 16, 2013/by DAMG

Americans Give up Citizenship as Government Stamps out Tax Evasion

October 15, 2013/by DAMG