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Beanie Baby Billionaire Ty Warner Sentenced to 500 Hours of Community Service for Dodging Tax

July 25, 2014/by DAMG

Former USJ Employee Pleads Guilty to Tax Fraud Charges

July 24, 2014/by DAMG

Barclays and Deutsche Bank Investigated for Hedge Fund Related Tax Evasion

July 23, 2014/by DAMG

Ex-USD Football Players Charged with Tax Fraud

July 22, 2014/by DAMG

Virginia Woman Sentenced to 3 Years for Tax Fraud

July 21, 2014/by DAMG

Justice Department will not Use Special Prosecutor for US Tax Agency Probe

July 18, 2014/by DAMG

US Treasury wants New 'Economic Patriotism'; Thinks Congress should be Harder on Corporate Tax Evaders

July 17, 2014/by DAMG

The Obama Administration is Upset that US Companies are Trying to Save Money to Employ more Americans

July 16, 2014/by DAMG

Fifth Time’s the Charm as AbbVie Takes on Shire

July 15, 2014/by DAMG

Warner’s Tax Lawyers Say Sentence for Tax Evasion is ‘Reasonable’

July 14, 2014/by DAMG

Walgreens Mulls Moving Away to Tax-Friendly Horizons, Says More Companies will Follow

July 11, 2014/by DAMG

Credit Suisse Asks for More Time in its Tax Evasion Case

July 10, 2014/by DAMG

US Companies Finding Tax Havens Abroad to Avoid Paying Uncle Sam’s Dues

July 9, 2014/by DAMG

Fizzy Drinks Might get Costlier Soon with New Tax Laws

July 8, 2014/by DAMG

European Commission Cracks Down on Amazon.Com

July 7, 2014/by DAMG

Canadian Americans Renounce Citizenship On Account of FATCA

July 4, 2014/by DAMG

Israel becomes the Latest Country to Sign FATCA

July 3, 2014/by DAMG

With FATCA in Place Thousands of Kiwis may have Taxes to Pay

July 2, 2014/by DAMG

Equifax Ruling will Stand Says US Supreme Court

July 1, 2014/by DAMG

Canadian Banks to Send Information to the IRS as Per Facta Rules

June 30, 2014/by DAMG

Stature of NFL as a not for Profit Organization Challenged

June 27, 2014/by DAMG

FIFA 2014 Continues to be Plagued by Controversies

June 27, 2014/by DAMG

Chicago Lawyer Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison for Tax Shelter Fraud

June 26, 2014/by DAMG

Former California Nurse Charged with Elder Abuse and Tax Fraud

June 25, 2014/by DAMG

Football Player Messi in Trouble with the Tax Authorities

June 24, 2014/by DAMG

Hillary Clinton Under Fire for Comments to Guardian

June 23, 2014/by DAMG

Facebook Hides Annual $60 Million Business in Australia

June 20, 2014/by DAMG

Down with the Death Tax

June 19, 2014/by DAMG

Clintons Hypocritically Use Estate Tax Loopholes

June 18, 2014/by DAMG

13 US Companies Utilize their Tax Attorneys Remarkably Well

June 17, 2014/by DAMG

Medtronic to Finalize $42.9 Billion Acquisition in Ireland in Tax Inversion Bid

June 16, 2014/by DAMG

Brooklyn reBar Owner to be Sentenced to 3-10 Years in Tax Evasion Case

June 13, 2014/by DAMG

Missouri Gov. Nixon Vetoes 10 Business Tax Breaks

June 12, 2014/by DAMG

Walgreens might Use Loophole in Tax Code to Grab $4 Billion Tax Break

June 11, 2014/by DAMG

Wells Fargo Holdings Denied Tax Hearing by Supreme Court

June 10, 2014/by DAMG

Leumi, Israel’s Second Largest Bank, to Pay 1 Billion Shekels on Tax Evasion Charge

June 9, 2014/by DAMG

Offshore Havens are Helping Apple and AmEx Save Money for Future Development

June 6, 2014/by DAMG

Wal-Mart has Wonderful Tax Attorneys

June 5, 2014/by DAMG

Busta Rhymes Busted in $ 1 Million Tax Debacle

June 4, 2014/by DAMG

George Clooney to Pay Hefty Tax for an Engagement Ring

June 3, 2014/by DAMG

Clippers Ex-Owner Donald Sterling Owes $662M in Tax

June 2, 2014/by DAMG

Swiss Banks could Face Larger than Expected Fines over Tax Evasion

May 30, 2014/by DAMG

MoneyGram Claims Bank Status in Tax Dispute

May 30, 2014/by DAMG

Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Maryland Tax Case

May 28, 2014/by DAMG

US Authorities Track Tax Evaders across the Globe

May 27, 2014/by DAMG

Pfizer Drops AstraZeneca Bid, Tax Issues Still Prominent

May 26, 2014/by DAMG

Government Workers Owe $3.3 B in Taxes to IRS for 2013

May 23, 2014/by DAMG

Tax Attorneys are Shocked to Learn that Stan Curtis is Guilty of Filing False Tax Returns

May 22, 2014/by DAMG

An Anti-Private Sector US Senator Moves to Block Inversion Tax Loophole

May 21, 2014/by DAMG

Democrats to Propose Tax Laws to Prevent Inversion

May 21, 2014/by DAMG

Credit Suisse CEO Faces Calls to Quit over US Tax Probe

May 19, 2014/by DAMG

Credit Suisse Likely to Pay $2.5 B to End Tax Probe

May 16, 2014/by DAMG

Using Puerto Rico Tax Laws to Lower Your Taxes

May 15, 2014/by DAMG

IRS Proposals Clarify Rules Regarding Solar Power Projects

May 14, 2014/by DAMG

Senate to Reopen Debate on Extending Tax Breaks to Businesses

May 13, 2014/by DAMG

Some Reasons it is Important to have a Tax Attorney

May 12, 2014/by DAMG

US Agrees to Join Alliance against Corporate Tax Avoiders

May 9, 2014/by DAMG

Credit Suisse Set to Pay $1.6 B to Resolve US Tax Probe

May 7, 2014/by DAMG

US Asks Credit Suisse to Plead Guilty in a Tax Avoidance Case

May 7, 2014/by DAMG

Camp Picks 6 Tax Extenders to Make Permanent

May 1, 2014/by DAMG

EBay Reports Losses after Taking a $3 B Tax Charge

April 30, 2014/by DAMG

Pfizer Bids for AstraZeneca to Avoid US Taxes

April 29, 2014/by DAMG

US Signs Tax Avoidance Pact with Australia

April 28, 2014/by DAMG

Tax Court Rules that Trusts can Materially Participate in Business

April 25, 2014/by DAMG

Maine Passes Law Targeting Tax Havens

April 24, 2014/by DAMG

Puerto Rico Attracts US Rich with Tax Breaks

April 23, 2014/by DAMG

US Enters into FATCA Tax Evasion Pact with India

April 22, 2014/by DAMG

States Charge Online Retailers Sales Tax, Increasing Compliance Costs

April 21, 2014/by DAMG

Tax Considerations When Starting a P2P Service

April 18, 2014/by DAMG

How a Tax Attorney can Help You

April 17, 2014/by DAMG

Finding a Remarkable Tax Attorney can be Beneficial to You

April 16, 2014/by DAMG

Buffett in Share Swap with Graham to Reduce his Possible Tax Payout

March 19, 2014/by DAMG

IRS Revises Guidelines on US Possessions

March 18, 2014/by DAMG

U.S. Businesses Oppose Australian Plan against International Profit Shifting

March 17, 2014/by DAMG

Tech Giants Park Funds Offshore to Avoid US Taxes

March 14, 2014/by DAMG

US-Canadian Border Deal will Affect Taxes of Canadian Travellers

March 13, 2014/by DAMG

American Airlines Accused of Running Sham Office in Small Town to Avoid Taxes

March 12, 2014/by DAMG

Tax Options for U.S. Citizens Living Abroad

March 11, 2014/by DAMG

Paladin Labs Founder Gains from U.S. Tax Loophole

March 10, 2014/by DAMG

Treasury Releases Major FATCA Guidelines

March 7, 2014/by DAMG

Scam Artists Pose as IRS Officials to Con Tax Payers

March 6, 2014/by DAMG

Obama wants to Raise Taxes on the Employers of Millions of Americans

March 5, 2014/by DAMG

U.S., India Enter Pact to Prevent Tax Evasion

March 4, 2014/by DAMG

Cathay to Hand Over Taxes, Personal Information on U.S. Pilots to Authorities

March 3, 2014/by DAMG

Taxes to Take Half of $10 Million Gold Find

February 28, 2014/by DAMG

The Taxation President wants More of Your Money

February 27, 2014/by DAMG

U.S. Steel Obtains $393 M Federal Tax Refund

February 26, 2014/by DAMG

Republicans to Moot Cut in Top Tax Rate

February 25, 2014/by DAMG

U.S. Tax Crackdown Probes Swiss Insurers

February 24, 2014/by DAMG

U.S. Treasury Makes final Changes to FATCA

February 21, 2014/by DAMG