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Ann Arbor Residents Slapped with a Countywide Road Repair Tax

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IRS Claims Coca-Cola Owes $3.3 Billion in Taxes

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Colorado Prepares for Marijuana Tax Holiday

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Pros & Cons of Jeb Bush’s Tax Plan

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Illinois Grants Corporate Tax Credits to Amazon

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India Extends Income Tax Filing Date While U.S. Taxpayers Struggle to Meet Deadlines

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Missouri Residents Enjoy Temporary Tax Amnesty

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Donald Trump’s Tax Plan – Friend or Foe?

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Mississippi to Host 2nd Gun Tax Break

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The Effects of Obamacare’s Cadillac Tax

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Rubio Wants Tax Breaks

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Missouri’s Tobacco Tax

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Will Scott Walker’s Health Care Plan Offer Relief to Taxpayers?

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Was Your Tax Info Hacked?

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North Carolina Senate Passes Taxpayer Protection Act

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LA Taxpayers May Be Awarded in Phone Tax Settlement

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Does Seattle’s New Gun and Bullet Tax Threaten the Second Amendment?

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Chicago’s Controversial Cloud Tax

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Former College President Sentenced for Tax Fraud in Montana

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Taxpayers Beware: IRS Officials in Washington, D.C. Warn of New Tax Scams

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Birmingham Tax Preparer Fined After Being Charged with Several Counts of Tax Evasion and Fraud

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Expected Changes in the Tax Code in 2015

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Philly Law Firm that Represented Tax Attorney Face Class Action Lawsuit

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Better Tax Laws Using New Republican ‘rithmetic’

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Scams Involving Stolen IDs and Fraudulent Tax Returns on the Rise in South Florida

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Tax Evasion Charges Against Bank Leumi Settled for $400M

January 2, 2015/by DAMG

Former US Senate Candidate Christine O’Donnell Mistakenly Slapped a Tax Levy by IRS

December 31, 2014/by DAMG

NY Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver Under Investigation Over Payments Received

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Obama’s Decision to Veto Tax Law Hurts Charity

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Bank Leumi Provides US Tax Authorities with Names of Depositors, Agrees to Pay Fine

December 26, 2014/by DAMG

Tax Fraud Scheme Haunts Halfway House in San Leandro

December 23, 2014/by DAMG

Former U of L Executive Pleads Guilty to $2.8 Million Embezzlement and Tax Fraud

December 22, 2014/by DAMG

Michigan State House Votes to Increase Sales Tax and Improve Road Spending

December 19, 2014/by DAMG

Delta Likely Mulling Moves to Avoid High US Taxes

December 18, 2014/by DAMG

The Omnibus Spending Bill is another Washington Head Scratcher

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Former Mail Carrier Sentenced in Fraudulent Income Tax Refund Scheme

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Kentucky Says no to Noah's Ark Theme Park

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The Home of the Delicious Whopper Closing in on Tim Hortons Deal

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US Attorney Sues Deutsche Bank for Alleged Tax Fraud

December 10, 2014/by DAMG

Congress' Offers Americans some more Tax Breaks

December 9, 2014/by DAMG

Ireland's Tax Change may Cost US Multinationals Billions of Dollars

October 23, 2014/by DAMG

Jenkins' Election Campaign in West Virginia Maligns Democratic Candidate in TV Ads

October 22, 2014/by DAMG

Instead of Crying Wolf, Obama Administration should Consider Reforms to Stop Tax Losses

October 21, 2014/by DAMG

Maryland Gives its Wealthy Citizens a much-needed Tax Break

October 20, 2014/by DAMG

AbbVie Shelves Shire Acquisition after Board Rejects Tax Inversion Plan

October 17, 2014/by DAMG

Tennessee to Vote for Permanent Ban on Income Tax

October 16, 2014/by DAMG

Ireland Comes Out of an Economic Downslide; New Rule to Outlaw Tax-Inversions

October 15, 2014/by DAMG

China Imposes Tax on Coal Imports which Only Hurts Competition and Innovation

October 14, 2014/by DAMG Moves to Reno; Earns Tax Breaks for New Site

October 13, 2014/by DAMG

New Haven Couple Plead Guilty to Tax and Bankruptcy Fraud

October 10, 2014/by DAMG

Tax Officials Unsure of FATCA’s Alignment with the Constitution; Senator Lee Calls for Repeal

October 9, 2014/by DAMG

‘Extenders’ could End Up Extending the Start of the 2015 Tax Filing Season Says the IRS

October 8, 2014/by DAMG

Nothing Wrong with Alabama Property Taxes Says US Supreme Court

October 7, 2014/by DAMG

US Law on Tax Inversion Stops Salix-Cosmo Deal

October 6, 2014/by DAMG

‘Earnings stripping’ may be Next on the Obama Administration’s Hit List

October 3, 2014/by DAMG

Oklahoma Judge Rules Obamacare Tax Subsidies Illegal

October 2, 2014/by DAMG

New US Tax Guidelines Drive Wedge in Medtronic-Covidien Deal

October 1, 2014/by DAMG

Dividend Arbitrage and How some Institutions are Using this to Reduce their Taxes

September 30, 2014/by DAMG

Sorrentino Brothers in a ‘Situation’; Plead not Guilty to Conspiracy and Tax Fraud

September 29, 2014/by DAMG

Why are the Democrats so shy of revamping the US tax code?

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Jersey Shore Star Caught in Tax Fraud Case

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The Obama Administration Continues to Attack American Companies

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Liberal Democrats Rue Tax Inversion Rather than Just make America Competitive

July 29, 2014/by DAMG

Tax Inversions can be Stopped by Obama by Himself

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