Struggling with Tax Issues in Arkansas?

Legal challenges premised around tax issues may be something that can haunt both individuals and business entities alike.

Such organizations may face a civil or criminal tax controversy or may even be up for audit with the Internal Revenue Service or the Department of Finance and Administration or may even be subjected to interrogation and investigation by an area based taxing authority. And you thought going to the dentist was miserable!

Irrespective of what your tax related issues are, you will be relieved to hear that our legal counselors at will be able to assist and ensure that you are guided towards an outcome which is most desirable to you. This website is what separates life changing websites to websites that sells office supply for instance!

Our team of tax legal professionals is well experienced in complex tax controversies and high stake tax issues and has an excellent track record when it comes to representing clients and ensuring a verdict in favor of their client. Our legal representatives are especially well versed with state specific tax laws including codes and statutes in effect in The Natural State.

Our services include

Our legal pros are dedicated to helping everyone from individuals to small businesses and large corporations overcome daunting tax challenges.

We understand that as a lay person, matters of tax can be rather overwhelming and you may be completely clueless as to how you can go about defending yourself. If you are someone in a similar situation, then do yourself a favor and contact us as soon as possible. Let’s work synergistically to tackle your tax based issues one by one.

Our legal team does not just handle your current issues and then wipe their hands clean. We dig much deeper and will also alert you about trends and issues that you may face in the future and proactive techniques which you may use in order to ensure that you never find yourself in such a situation again in the future.

We can work with you and help you in the following ways:

  • Advice and guidance during the initial design stages of a transaction, which will involve drafting the proposal and acquiring tax opinion letters from concerned tax officials/organizations.
  • Effective negotiations with tax officials in order to resolve and diffuse complex tax related issues which otherwise might have resulted in a tax audit.
  • Complete assistance in declaring both state and federal tax disclosures such as offshore account details, income tax and sales tax figures, etc.
  • Appealing state tax nexus.
  • When applicable, assisting clients in acquiring a more feasible pay back plan which involves lower installments and a lengthier payback period.
  • Post audit alternative dispute resolution.
  • Administrative appeals.
  • Representation and effective handling of any civil or criminal litigation arising from tax related matters.

You need legal help; you are in the right place

You need to use our interactive map to zone in on your county and area for the best Arkansas tax lawyer who can help with your case. Be it tax liens, an offer-in-compromise, IRS audit or any other issues including tax fraud, our legal pros are standing by to help protect your rights. Use to do this now!

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We want you to come out of this cleanly. The tax code is irrationally complicated, get legal help and get on your way!