Are There Other Tax Date Deadlines I Should Be Aware of?

Each year we file our taxes, while the process seems to be improving and becoming more efficient and easier to file, there are certain changes that are applied, as well as deadline dates that are set. This year, as we are quickly approaching one of the most important tax dates, there are others that may apply to you, and you definitely want to take note of them. Tax lawyers in Maine highlight below some of the many tax dates that have yet to pass provided by The Fiscal Times.

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  • April 18th This is by far one of the most important dates to keep track of, and it marks the day for individual tax returns to be filed, or an extension to be requested. This year’s deadline is unlike the many others in the past, and has been modified from April 15th to the 18th due to that Friday being Emancipation Day, which is a Washington, D.C. holiday. Tax attorneys in Maine also want to point out that for those of you residing within the state of Maine, your deadline has been pushed to April 19th. The reasoning behind this is due to Patriots Day.
  • June 15th– For those U.S. citizens that find themselves living abroad, you are required to get your tax returns filed to the IRS on the date indicated.
  • June 30th– Having a foreign bank account does in fact require a separate report to be filed for the 2015 year, and it must be done so on this date. The Foreign Bank Account Report needs to be completed for those “taxpayers who have over $10,000 in total in their foreign bank account.” The forms are also subjected to being filed electronically, and the IRS does not in fact allow extensions for this.
  • October 17thTax legal representatives in Maine understand that for many taxpayers, the April 19th deadline is unachievable seeing that it can become quite tedious to gather all the required documents as well as fill out the mandatory forms. Should you have requested an extension to get your return completed, this marks the official deadline to have a preparer submit your tax return to the IRS.

Should you fail to comply with the dates set forth, there is a chance you may face fees as well as other interest that may be tacked on to any balance owed to the IRS. Tax fraud lawyers in Maine remind you that while it is important to file your return on the dates set forth by the IRS and comply with all others that apply to you, you also need to be sure all information and income reported is accurate. And while tax time may be a more difficult task for others, be sure you have obtained the appropriate documentation before the dates noted above to ensure your filing isn’t delayed.