"Amazon Tax" Law of Colorado Upheld by US Supreme Court

The Amazon tax law which went to the Supreme Court has been ruled on by the Supreme Court recently, as reported by krdo.com.

According to Colorado tax lawyers and there is no one better in this field than Semler & Associates, P.C. who know how to deal with the IRS with acumen, the Supreme Court has decided to uphold the Amazon tax law which means that Colorado residents will in fact have to pay a certain tax when the shop online and make purchases from outside of Colorado.

This is another reason not to vote Democrat. They taxes just keep piling on. Any why? To fund massive social programs and to pay people to vote for them. They want people dependent on the system and not strong and vibrant. Why do you think public schools are so pathetic in America for the most part? They do not want people to succeed according to critics and the results.

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Democratic politicians can never have enough of your money. With that said, anyone can get into tax trouble. If that is where you are at, you need to secure a legal counselor. There are ways to deal with the IRS and Semler & Associates, P.C. knows how to do this.

Moreover, many individuals who shop online and depend on online prices are obviously let down by the decision and are frustrated about the change.

One such shopper, namely, Christina Vigeant, said that she loved to shop online because of the fact that she did not have to pay any sales tax. However, after the US Supreme Court ruling she said that she will most likely not shop online anymore and will go to actual land based stores instead unless there is an online deal offering a substantially better discount, price, or deal.

Well, now you are paying for the gas used there and the risk of getting into an accident. That is not good!

Proponents: Amazon tax law revenue will facilitate other state projects

Colorado tax attorneys explain that liberal politicians have been in support of the Amazon Tax law from the get go because of the fact that it will bring in substantial revenue in the form of taxes and they can use this money to help funded some of the many needed projects that the state has been waiting to get the ball rolling on such as handing out more food stamps and so on to keep people voting for them as already stated.

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Very soon Americans will be paying less taxes. And more jobs will be created! And this means more money for politicians too. Everyone benefits with lower taxes accept the folks who do not want Americans to be as happy as they should be.

As per court documents, supposedly, as much as $170 million US dollars were not collected in 2012 due to failure of the government to collect tax money from online out of state purchases. But so what? This money helped create jobs in other states. If Colorado wanted those jobs in their state they would lower taxes to entice businesses to come to their state.

The Democrats who run Colorado just do not get it. There will be fewer sales now, the $170 million figure will be as high as it goes. Well, with the Trump economy taking off soon, that $170 million number may get obliterated.

Not everyone is a fan of the Amazon tax law

However, some politicians are not in favor of the tax. One such man is US Congressman Doug Lamborn (R-CO 5th District) who is of the opinion that the last thing the state needs is another tax. Some others also agree with this and have said that there are other more effective ways to raise funds which can be used to fuel needed state projects which do not involve forcing state residents to pay taxes for things which they’ve never had to pay taxes on in the past.

Lamborn also believes that in the case of an online transaction where the vendor or seller of the service or good is based in one state and the buyer is based in a different state (or in Colorado for arguments sake), there is no real agreed upon regulations or clarity as to which state laws will apply on this interstate online transaction.

Other opponents believe that the constitution does not in any way or form allow for a particular state to regulate interstate transactions, but rather can only amend and control intrastate transactions. They are of the opinion that this ruling by the US Supreme Court is a blatant disregard of the US Constitution.

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