Need Help With a Tax Matter in Alabama?

It is understandable as to why so many residents living in Alabama are overwhelmed by matters concerning taxes. Not everyone is an accountant and we understand that numbers and tax related terminologies can leave the most people scratching their heads.

America’s tax code is mind boggling, it is the opposite of a flat tax!

We have the answer for you

At, you will find the best tax legal pros to assist in you in all of your tax related predicaments and ensure that you get the relief you deserve from Alabama tax debt or IRS tax debt as the case maybe.

You will not be the first nor the last when it comes to our website and the service we offer through it for free that uses our website and who walks away satisfied. We enable anyone to find a series of tax attorneys that they can choose from and call up to help them out of this IRS boondoggle. Click and call! You only one legal counselor to help you out.

Our primary dealings are include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Tax litigation

Our legal tax representatives will handle all civil or criminal lawsuits which may arise from tax related matters. Some of the most common types of tax related litigation that we take care of for our clients involve tax fraud where either they are a victim of tax fraud and someone has filed and received frivolous tax returns by fronting to be the victim (imposters) or where they themselves have been accused of having committed tax fraud.

  1. Offer-in-compromise

This is a program where someone who is not able to settle their IRS tax debts are represented by our esteemed legal professionals who proceed to strike a deal with the Internal Revenue System and offer to repay the debt but a fraction of it and in a method which is more feasible our client (it may mean longer duration to pay back and lesser installment amounts per payment).

  1. Penalty abatement

In line with the offer-in-compromise kind of situation, our legal representatives will also work with you in case you have incurred any penalties as a result of pending tax payments and have these penalties voided and so you only have to pay back the debt or just a portion of the debt itself so you do not have to worry about the penalties.

  1. Currently not collectible status

Our golden legal pros on tax laws also assist clients who are in a financial predicament and are being pursued by the IRS for pending tax debts in changing the status of their account to what is known as currently not collectible. This will entail that the IRS will have to stop pursing collections from this account until the account holder’s financial situation improves.

  1. Levy and wage garnishment

Our legal counselors can work to eradicate a bank levy or wage garnishment as quickly as possible.

  1. Bankruptcy

In case of filing for bankruptcy, we can help determine which taxes can be dismissed in bankruptcy and also will be able to help make the call as to whether or not this is the most feasible and effective type of relief available in the client’s particular case or situation.

A breadth of fresh air – we provide the service you need could be the answer to all your tax issues by getting on our interactive map and putting in your location. You will then see rows of legal pros populate your screen and you call one of them up, or more than one to compare and contrast. That is your proclivity on how many you want to call up or just call up the first one you see.

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