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Are you struggling with back taxes in Virginia? Is the IRS threatening to penalize you because of a late tax return? Are you tired of being harassed by the IRS? If so, we are here to help. Whether you are an individual taxpayer in Virginia or a business owner, anyone who is facing an IRS problem can obtain tax relief today with the help of our Virginia tax lawyers.

When it comes to your taxes, you need to make sure that every detail of your case is accounted for because one mistake can cost you a life-time of dealing with the IRS. We know how hard it can be to find a skilled and experienced tax lawyer in Virginia that you can trust so we make it easy for you. USAttorneys features some of the most experienced and acclaimed tax attorneys in Virginia who will fight for your rights as a taxpayer and put an end to the IRS harassment once and for all. Our tax professionals care about your needs and will stop at nothing to ensure that all of your IRS issues are resolved quickly and with as little stress to you as possible.


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It’s not always easy to connect with an attorney you can trust, especially when you need to take on the IRS. Tax matters can be extremely complex, and just one mistake can cause you to owe a lot of money o the government. Not to worry though, because all of the Virginia tax lawyers featured on our site are accredited and have years of successful experience resolving a wide range of IRS matters. When you have one of our top attorneys on your side, you can rest assured a favorable outcome for your case will ensue.

Turn to one of our featured Virginia tax lawyers today for help with any of the following IRS issues:

  •         – Appeals
  •         – Audits
  •         – Back Taxes
  •         – Business Taxes
  •         – IRS Criminal Investigations
  •         – IRS Lawsuits
  •         – Liens and Levies
  •         – Personal Income Tax
  •         – Property Taxes
  •         – Tax Evasion
  •         – Tax Fraud

Whether you have been the victim of tax fraud, have been placed in a higher tax bracket than you deserve, have had your wages garnished, or are in the midst of fighting a tax lawsuit, our supreme tax lawyers in Virginia will help you and ensure that your case ends in your favor.