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The IRS can crack down on taxpayers at any given moment. Sometimes IRS agents seek payment for back taxes, while other times they are merely harassing innocent individuals. If you have been experiencing your own issues with the IRS, it’s time you sought legal help.

Welcome to USAttorneys, your one-stop-shop to finding your ideal tax lawyer who will resolve all your IRS-related matters quickly and successfully. On our site, you will find links to the best tax lawyers in South Dakota who care about your needs and will represent your interests with passion and tenacity. Whether you need assistance with filing your personal income taxes, dealing with a tax lawsuit or overcoming charges of tax evasion, our diligent South Dakota tax attorneys will not rest until your case ends in your favor. Trust our esteemed tax lawyers to deliver unparalleled legal counsel that only decades of successful tax law litigation can bring.


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No issue is too large or too small for our skilled tax lawyers in South Dakota to handle. Our attorneys work day and night to find the best course of action for your case that will lead you to obtain tax relief quickly and successfully. Whether you need help with personal income taxes or business-related tax matters, our attorneys are on your side and ready to protect your rights. Turn to one of our South Dakota tax lawyers today for help resolving any of the following IRS issues:

Back Taxes
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International Business Endeavors
IRS Criminal Investigations
IRS Lawsuits
Liens and Levies
Personal Income Tax
Tax Evasion
Tax Fraud
Wage Garnishments


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If you are tired of the IRS getting on your case, let our South Dakota tax lawyers take over.  Our attorneys will handle every detail of your case, from filling out paperwork to contacting IRS agents so you wont have to deal with any of it. So if you don’t want to deal with any more harassing IRS calls or messages, give one of our featured tax lawyers a call today to discuss the best approach to your case so we can help you obtain the tax relief you deserve.