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At USAttorneys, we believe that the key to resolving a tax matter begins with a successful client-attorney relationship. But it’s not always easy to connect with a legal professional you can trust. But that’s where we step in to make things simple for you. For your convenience, all of our featured legal professionals are licensed and insured and have been helping Oregon taxpayers just like you to overcome their tax-related needs for years. With one of our trusted and successful tax attorneys in Oregon working on your case, you can rest assured that it will end quickly and in your favor.

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Turn to our acclaimed Oregon tax lawyers for assistance with tax fraud, tax audits, property taxes, tax refunds and tax lawsuits. Any one of our skilled paralegals will take on your case with tenacity and integrity and will not rest until all of your needs have been taken care of. You have rights as a taxpayer in Oregon and our elite tax lawyers will stop at nothing to ensure they are upheld. Contact  one of our attorneys for assistance with any of the following IRS issues:


Back Taxes
Employment Taxes
Late Fees
Liens and Levies
Payroll Taxes
Personal Income Taxes
Tax Evasion
Tax Fraud
Unfiled Returns
Wage Garnishments


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Dealing with the IRS can be an uphill battle. IRS agents can leave you stressed and feeling as though you will never overcome your tax problems. Not to worry though, when you have one of our featured tax lawyers in Oregon on your case, you can kiss your days of IRS harassment goodbye.

Our attorneys are committed to resolving your case as quickly and successfully as possible. They will take care of every aspect of your case, from completing all necessary paperwork to speaking with IRS agents to representing you in court. Rest assured that no matter how big or how small your IRS problems are, our esteemed tax lawyers will do everything in their power to secure a favorable outcome for your case.

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