What Deductions Can be Applied to Your 2016 Tax Return?

Tax lawyers in San Antonio remind you that you want to get the most out of your 2016 tax return so be sure all reporting is accurate and legal.

Every year, each taxpayer in the U.S. is responsible for reporting all of the income they have taken in by filing their tax return. In some cases, […]

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IRS Announces the Option to File Your Taxes on Your Smart Phone

Tax time can be a confusing time for many. There are so many documents you have to file, not to mention gathering all your receipts to ensure you receive the maximum deductions you are allowed to claim. While this is one issue that many struggle with, one of the most important and difficult tasks that […]

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When Can I Expect to Receive My W-2 and Other Tax Forms?

Are you anxiously awaiting the delivery of your tax documents in order to begin filing your 2016 return? As you know, employers and other institutions are required to send out your tax forms by a certain date in order for you to begin the process of having your tax return completed. So, what are these […]

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How can a Tax Lawyer Help Me Deal with the IRS

Hiring a tax lawyer in Dallas, TX is a wise thing to do if you need to review your IRS account. It is not uncommon when you might be entitled to refunds that you have failed to collect. Receiving an assessment letter from the IRS indicates that you owe them money.


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How Will President Trump’s Tax Plans Affect Americans?

Every year tax attorneys in Minneapolis work with taxpayers who are behind on their taxes. And while they may be catching up, if Trump’s laws are passed, it could only put someone behind yet again.

Every politician who runs for president claims they can cut taxes and help citizens live out the American dream by allowing […]

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What every Tax Payer must Know about Tax Fraud

The IRS makes every effort to detect tax refund fraud but this will not happen as much it has been happening since Trump’s economy will disintegrate Obama’s economy so people will feel they do not have to cheat to maintain financial decency. The economy is set to surge in 2017 and be outstanding in 2018 as well and so on.


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Man from New Berlin Pleads Guilty to Tax Fraud and Receives Sentence

A 40 year old man from New Berlin who has been identified as David Swanson has pleaded guilty to the crime of tax fraud, more specifically, three counts of misdemeanor filing false tax returns and has been told his punishments for the same, as reported by fox6now.com.


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What Tax Changes Can I Expect for the 2017 Filing Season?

It is that time of the year again. You guessed it, tax season. Although you may have not even received your W-2’s and other tax filing forms, some have already begun filing their 2017 return as the IRS began processing them on Monday, January 23rd. For those early birds who were on top of their […]

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New Haven, CT Tax Lawyers

For the most part, tax season always makes everyone scramble for ways to save money. However, there are several things that can be done to ease the burden of taxes, and it all starts with being diligent all year round, according to legal tax counselors.


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“Amazon Tax” Law of Colorado Upheld by US Supreme Court

The Amazon tax law which went to the Supreme Court has been ruled on by the Supreme Court recently, as reported by krdo.com.

According to Colorado tax lawyers and there is no one better in this field than Semler & Associates, P.C. who know how to deal with the IRS with acumen, the Supreme Court has decided to uphold the Amazon tax law which means that Colorado residents will in fact have to pay a certain tax when the shop online and make purchases from outside of Colorado.


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